Russia Puts On Massive Military Show of Force for Annual Celebration

In recent weeks, it seems that the entire world is doing a bit of military posturing, as the world creeps closer and closer to the precipice of war.

While North Korea continues to flop missiles lazily into the sky, only to have them explode mere seconds after liftoff, some of the globe’s more proficient players are putting on displays of military might intended to send a message to everyone else.

The United States has been busy launching long-range, nuke-capable missiles into the Pacific Ocean, just to let the world know that we could give Kim Jong Un a good fright should we need to.  Japan, who doesn’t often get the opportunity to flex its military muscle, has sent its largest warship to accompany an unarmed American vessel off the coast the of Island nation.

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Not to be undone, Vladimir Putin wanted to make sure that the Russians were well represented in this contest.

“HUNDREDS of military vehicles flooded the streets of Russia during rehearsals for Victory Day parades marking the 72nd anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.

“More than 70 planes and helicopters practised manoeuvres overhead with the world’s largest military transport helicopter Mi-26 escorted by a quartet of Mi-8 helicopters set to open the show.

“On the ground, thousands of  troops put on well-practiced parade in a huge show of military might.

“The showepiece started under Joseph Stalin with Vladimir Putin continuing the tradition which has become the highlight of a day of nationalist celebration.

More than 70 planes and helicopters dipped and dived over Red Square as Putin’s armies prepared to take over Moscow on May 9.”
Much like North Korea’s spectacular flops, the Russian display came about during a celebration of the nation’s victories.  Unlike the North Korean display, however, Russia’s military equipment may actually function properly and may actually be a threat to the rest of the world.
Putin has been at odds with several prominent nations in recent years, with the United States sliding right into the Russian leader’s crosshairs after U.S. President Donald Trump’s airstrike against Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria, with whom the Russians are foolishly cozied up to.

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