Russia Probe Now Seeking Interview with Former Trump Bodyguard

President Donald J. Trump arrives at the Inaugural Parade during the 58th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. Jan. 20, 2017. (DoD Photo by Dominique A. Pineiro/Released)

Now nearly 6 months into the presidency of Donald J. Trump, we are still being inundated with new nonsense in the Russian election investigation.

The entire debacle began as Hillary Clinton, the doomed democratic nominee, could feel the noose tightening around her neck during the general election.  Her constituents were about to receive a bombshell in the form of leaked campaign emails that tied her to a DNC plan to eliminate Bernie Sanders’ chances at the nomination, as well as continued accusations of rampant corruption.  With her back to the wall, Clinton blurted out some of the most unbelievable and bizarre allegations regarding Donald Trump that we had ever heard, claiming that the businessman was working hand-in-hand with the Kremlin in order to get elected.

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Once Trump was officially declared the President-Elect, and then the President, these unprecedented and unverified claims continued to spew forth from the mouths of democrats and other liberals like a river of sewage.  Now, thanks to their incessant whining, the nation is suffering through an investigation, helmed by Robert Mueller, into how exactly the Russians could have influenced the election itself – a dead end road in and of itself.

While the President had previously been assured that he himself was not part of any investigation into Russian collusion by former FBI Director James Comey, it seems as though Mueller has a bit of a different opinion.

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“Congressional investigators now want to interview Keith Schiller, President Donald Trump’s longtime bodyguard-turned-White House aide, as part of their investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the investigation told ABC News.

“Schiller, the former head of security for the Trump Organization who now serves as the White House director of Oval Office operations, is one of several Trump associates on the House Intelligence Committee’s witness list in its ongoing investigation into Russian election interference.

 “The committee’s focus on Schiller and other Trump campaign officials and associates marks a new phase in the investigation — which is examining how Russia attempted to influence the election, the Obama administration’s response and allegations of collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials.

“It’s the latest indication that the investigations are touching Trump’s inner circle. In late July, longtime Trump associate Roger Stone is expected to appear before congressional investigators for a closed-door interview. The growing list of other Trump associates the committee has said they want to meet includes former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Trump son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.”

The ongoing investigation into these previously debunked claims is just another piece of the liberal “resistance” to President Trump that has already spawned a number of dangerous precedents during the Commander in Chief’s first term.

By allowing these investigations to continue, the liberal campaign to delegitimize the President is refusing to die.  Instead of allowing our leadership to simply focus on their promise to make America great again, we are being forced to endure this nonsensical and expensive probe into the absurdity of the democrats’ rhetoric.  Call it what you will; Deep State politics, the “resistance”, whatever it may be.  It must be stopped before any true American progress can be made.

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