Is the Russia Narrative Hurting the Left more than Trump?

Author Max Blumenthal recently appeared on Fox News with prime time host Tucker Carlson, where he explained why he believed that the Russia narrative was doing more damage to the Democrat Party than it was doing to Donald Trump.

Blumenthal is an avowed liberal who has become very worried that the establishment (of both parties) has decided to scaremonger using the Russia story in an attempt to undermine President Trump. Not because the establishment hates Republicans… but because the establishment wants permanent war and corporate trade, which are two things that Donald Trump stands resolutely against.

While Blumenthal may not like President Trump, he seems to understand that if the Left is successful at knocking Trump out, the pro-war, anti-real free trade establishment will take control of the government and then things will indeed get worse.

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“I haven’t seen any concrete evidence. Rachel Maddow’s dots may never connect. As someone on the left who has actually gone out and protested Trump, I didn’t expect this hysteria to completely take over, but now I see what the point is of it.   

I see Trump as the apotheosis of a failed political establishment, both from the Republicans and the Democrats. Pushing corporate trade and permanent war, and I thought the Democrats should have responded with a big narrative against permanent war and for economic equality. Instead, they are pushing Russia scandal-mongering non-stop. It has subsumed all the progressive grassroots movements I believed in, and it has basically buried the left in a militaristic narrative…

Mark my words, Tucker. When Trump is gone, this narrative, this Russia hysteria, will be repurposed by the political establishment to attack the left, and anyone on the left –Bernie Sanders-like politician– who steps out of line on the issue of permanent war or corporate free trade. Anyone who steps out of line on those issues will be painted as a Russia puppet.”

Onan Coca

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