North Korea

Russia Makes Enormous Troop and Artillery Movement To North Korean Border


The saga of North Korea’s woefully unchecked aggression in recent weeks has a new chapter, and it is being written by the Kremlin.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has long been considered one of the most unhinged and dangerous leaders in the world.  His nuclear ambitions aside, the “supreme leader” from Pyongyang has been insistent on destroying the United States for the entirety of his rule, while simultaneously starving his people as his own waistline expands, and sending his civilian enemies to concentration camps that would turn Heinrich Himmler’s stomach.

Now, in his latest tirade against the globe, spawned in the wake of Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the highest office in the United States, Kim Jong Un may have pushed things a bit too far.  Not only is he facing the Chinese, who have increased their sanctions on North Korean and amassed 150,000 troops on the border between the nations, but Kim must also stare down a U.S. Navy strike group in the seas off of the Korean peninsula who are backed up by the Japanese.

Now, Russia is officially throwing their hat in the ring against the despotic dictator with a massive show of military force.

“Video footage is said to show one of three trains loaded with military equipment moving towards the 11 mile-long land frontier between Russia and the repressive state.

“Another scene shows military helicopter appearing to move towards the North Korean border and manoeuvres across rough terrain by army combat vehicles.

“’The movement of military equipment by different means of transport to southern areas is being observed across Primorsky region over the past week,’ said military veteran Stanislva Sinitsyn.

“’Many relate this to the situation in the Korean peninsula.’

“’The video shows artillery systems that either support troops in assault or meet the aggressor.’

“He said: ‘The movement of military equipment means that authorities of our country are keeping up with the situation – and take appropriate measures.'”

This is an odd move for Russia, who at first acted extremely skeptical about the United States’ sudden attention to North Korea.  As the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier approached the Korean peninsula, Russian warships equipped with high level spying technology were seen tailing the vessel.  This added to the already palpable tension between the White House and the Kremlin, leading many to believe that the second Cold War was upon us.

Now that Russia seems poised to react to more appropriately to the North Korean situation, perhaps Kim Jong Un will have a momentary lapse of lunacy and cease his incessant prodding of the rest of the globe.

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