Russia Has Grave Warning For Those Involved in North Korean Crisis

The Russians have a serious knack for sticking their noses in other people’s business, and the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea is no exception.

From the moment that President Trump was elected to the highest office in the land, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been hurling insults and threats in the general direction of the United States at a record pace.  The impoverish nation, whose humanitarian atrocities have been gaining enormous international attention in the last week, has been constantly insinuating that Donald Trump is some sort of senile fool, and that the United States will be reduced to “ash and darkness” by a barrage of North Korean atomic weapons in the near future.

The ability of the tiny nation to follow through on these threats is the subject of a great debate, as North Korea has a horrific track record of getting their more advanced weaponry airborne.

Russia, of course, has inserted themselves into the debate as well, warning the United States against taking any military action on the Korean Peninsula despite the constant and varying threats being issued toward us.

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Now, the Kremlin is adding a new, even more dire warning to the mix, claiming that the conflict could end in “apocalyptic” destruction.

“An apocalyptic scenario of developments on the Korean Peninsula is possible, but Russia hopes that a common sense would prevail among the involved parties, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said on Monday.

“‘A scenario of the apocalyptic development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula exists and we cannot turn our blind eye to it,’ Morgulov said speaking at the opening of the eighth annual Asian Conference of the Valdai discussion club in Seoul.

“‘I hope that a common sense, pragmatism and an instinct of self-preservation would prevail among our partners to exclude such negative scenario,’ the Russian diplomat said.

 “Tensions on the Korean Peninsula remain high as North Korea actively develops its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and its allies in the region carry out their military maneuvers. On September 3, Pyongyang announced a successful hydrogen bomb test. The UN Security Council stepped up sanctions against North Korea.

“‘We have told North Korea many times that for us [its] nuclear status is unacceptable,’ the diplomat said. ‘We continue this work with the North Korean counterparts presenting to them our position.'”

While Russia is outwardly giving the impression that they have similar goals to the United States in terms of a resolution in North Korea, it is difficult to ascertain exactly how much of their “diplomacy” is simple blustering.

What Russia could truly fear is a U.S. military presence in North Korea, effectively placing the tip of the spear within striking distance of the Asian superpower.  For this reason, we must remain cautious in our analysis of any and all statements emanating from the Kremlin.



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