Russia Continues Military Posturing with Enormous Exercises

The Russian government has recently found itself at the center of a global resurgence in which the Kremlin and its military leaders are standing tall on the world’s stage.

This expansion of Russia’s societal footprint came on the heels of democratic diva and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s constant insistence that President Donald Trump was somehow receiving political assistance from the Asian superpower.  Furthermore, accusations and punishments carried out by the Obama administration regarding Clinton’s claims only acted to further alienate and annoy Russian government officials.

Thanks to these actions by the previous President and his cronies, Russia has begun a full-on assault of the world’s comfort zone, including threats against the United States and massive military drills aimed at creating an uneasy feeling around the planet.

Nothing has changed this week, as our former Cold War foe continues to push the envelope on global decorum.

“Vladimir Putin has been showing off his military prowess with a series of huge military exercises.

“More than 1,000 infantry personnel took part in drills in the Kamchatka region in eastern Russia.

“Land soldiers practised defending the coast while marines from the Primorsky Krai region worked on military attacks.

“Troops opened fire on targets at land and at sea, and weapons used included self-propelled multiple-launch rocket systems and Mil Mi-8 helicopters.

“A video of the drills was released by the press service of the Eastern Military District in charge of the Pacific Fleet, which said the operation had been a success.

“It comes as leaders across Europe watch Russian military exercises with an increased nervousness following huge war games held last month.

“The Eastern Military District is one of the four operational strategic commands of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has always been one to seek power and influence around the globe, but his actions have been exacerbated by unknown stimuli in recent months.

Beyond his military exercises and ridiculous shows of face, Putin has kept busy by threatening the United States on several occasions.  Two such incidents came as the United States was actively working to punish Syria and North Korea for their human rights violations and dastardly deeds.  The Russian President was quick to condemn actions made by the U.S., and threaten retaliation should the rhetoric continue – a move far more serious than anything occurring between the nations since the Cold War ended.

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