So What If Russia Bombs ISIS from Iranian Airbases!?

Americans should care more that Russia bombs ISIS than what country their planes fly from.

Apparently, it’s no big deal that we gave Iran hundreds of millions in cash but it is a matter of grave concern that Russia bombs ISIS by using Iranian runways.

I realize RT has an agenda, but so does the Hillary media.

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Russia hasn’t launched and inspired terrorist attacks all over the West. No mass shooters or suicide bombers have left Facebook footage of swearing allegiance to Vladimir Putin. They don’t crucify or even behead Christians in Russia.

And they’re bombing ISIS without charging the American taxpayer a dime.

Yet our media wants us to be more concerned about Putin than ISIS.

Meanwhile, the elites plan to negotiate with ISIS eventually. A British Labor Party candidate slipped and came out with the program ahead of schedule:

Don’t be fooled by loud protests. The founders of ISIS have planned of “democratic” regime which will demand that all the “players” share power.

Think about it. When you listen to NPR or any of the other state propaganda outlets about Syria, who do they always make clear that we should never negotiate with? Who do they condemn Russia for supporting?

Bashar al-Assad. ISIS is never talked about by our regime with the same venom they reserve for Assad.

The President who invented and implemented the kill list, postures that Assad killed his own people. But Assad hasn’t called for and inspired the killing of Americans on American soil.

Once again the oligarchy shows it doesn’t care about terrorism or anything else that risks the lives of Americans. They obviously don’t care about Syrian lives either since they have fomented a jihadist foreign invasion of the country. They falsely call it a “civil war.” That’s like saying the conflict between ISIS and Baghdad is a civil war. It is ludicrous.

This is a conflict of the elites, by the elites, and for the international elites who run this and other countries in the West. It is one that looks increasingly likely to erupt into World War III.

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