Rush Limbaugh Warns Republicans – Don’t Fall for the Media’s Traps!

Leave it to Rush Limbaugh to be the voice of reason for the GOP. As the media and their partners in the Democrat Party continue to spin out of control, many Trump voters (and conservatives who didn’t vote for Trump) are beginning to worry that every possibility of success may be destroyed by the constant media outrage. It’s a worrisome time to be a conservative, but take heart, Rush says there is reason for us all to be optimistic.

First, there is no evidence anywhere that Trump has done something wrong. We know this because no one has ever produced it, and Democrats keep saying things like, “there is no evidence, yet.” There is no evidence yet, because after more than a year of investigating the intelligence community has come up empty. Why? Because there is nothing to find.

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Secondly, the Democrat Party is dying and the ongoing battle over NOTHING is more evidence of this fact.

Listen to what Rush has to say:

You people that voted for Donald Trump, you’re just every day seeing why you did it. I have a message for the Republicans: The last thing you should do is find anything in common with the Democrats on this. The last thing you should do is feel sorry, simpatico. Do not fall for the temptation to join the Democrats in their rants against Trump on this…

There is not a single person anywhere in law enforcement, in Congress — there’s nobody officially anywhere — who can show you a syllable of evidence that whatever the Russians did had anything to do with the outcome of the election. There is nothing. And yet, it’s the only thing the Democrats have. They dare not let go of it. It’s the only explanation they have for why Hillary Clinton lost the election — and in that is a tremendous opportunity for the Republicans.

Do you realize what a nothing burger the Democrat Party is? Do you realize the Democrat Party literally has nothing virtuous, positive, uplifting to run on? In all of this, the Democrat Party dares not ask people, “Hey, take a look at us. We got better ideas. Hey, take a look at us. We can fix this.” None of that. The only thing they’ve got is this insane, invisible, nonexistent, so-called connection between the Russians and our election. They have no ideas. They have no optimism. They have no leaders. They have no vision. They are ripe for being smoked for generations! This is the time to move in politically and wipe them out…

Look, two things here. The Democrats are in deep trouble, electorally. The Democrats are not running the left; the media is. And the media is clearly not inconsequential. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that what’s happening here is obviously to everyone. I’m saying the Republican Party has a golden opportunity here to continue to hammer the nail into the coffin of the Democrat Party.

The media stands in the way, obviously. But I’m just telling you, this kind of irrational hate — this all-consuming hate and derangement, delusion — it isn’t healthy. The majority of the American people do not want their politics, day to day, to be governed by this stuff. If they did, we wouldn’t be living with circumstances as we are now…

Rush also mentioned the hypocrisy of the entire fiasco. He reminded his listeners that Democrats had been calling for Comey to be fired for months and that the initial reaction to Trump’s firing was glowing. It wasn’t until the media twisted a new narrative that people wondered if Trump had done the wrong thing.

Within the first five minutes, go read some blogs, conservative blogs. Go read some conservative websites. You know what you’ll find? You’ll find unanimity in support of Trump. Well, not unanimous but it’s overwhelmingly. The case they make is Trump was totally justified. This was long overdue. Comey had long ago ceased behaving appropriately for an FBI director. The immediate analysis was how Trump was justified, quoting Rosenstein over at the Department of Justice, the number two there behind Jeff Sessions.

His memo is explicitly perfect and clear in detailing why this happened. The initial analysis of this was that Trump was home free, had concrete to stand on, not just firm ground. Ten minutes or 15 minutes after the media gets hold of it and totally changes all the narratives, is when people begin reacting to that and not the actual news.

Rush ain’t wrong. Check out these headlines from leading Democrats BEFORE Comey was fired…

You can hear all of this and more on yesterday’s episode of Rush Limbaugh’s show:

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