Rush Limbaugh: Trump makes the Left Wet their Bed!

The most important voice in radio recently commented on the hissy fit emanating from the left over Donald Trump’s “victory tour” of America.

The president-elect has been traveling around the country delivering speeches and encouraging his supporters to stay engaged. In between meeting his fans he’s been speaking with world leaders and vetting new possibilities for his White House team.

The combination of all three of these things is simply driving the media and their masters on the left batty. Whether wringing their hands about the way Trump speaks to his international counterparts, or rolling their eyes as he speaks to his adoring supporters, or going apoplectic as Trump chooses the perfect candidates for his cabinet (Hello Jeff Sessions and General James Mattis!)…

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The left is simply imploding at every new opportunity.

Listen as Rush Limbaugh explains exactly what is happening:

Do you realize the left is wetting the bed today?  (laughing)  They’ve been wetting the bed all night.  He-he-he.  Oh, man!  What a rally last night!  And not just his rally.  Trump’s appointment “Mad Dog” Mattis is turning them mad.  Mad Dog Mattis as the defense secretary selection is just perfect…

Man, oh, man, oh, man.  I’ll tell you, folks, I don’t think Washington has any idea what they are in store for.  I mean, they’re looking at it, they’re seeing it, and by Washington, I mean the elected establishment, in many cases of both parties, certainly the support groups at think tanks, the media. I don’t think they have the slightest clue yet of the whirlwind that’s headed their way.  

They’re still in a little bit of denial, and you can tell by some of the media’s reviews of Trump’s speech. “We didn’t like this. We don’t like the way he keeps attacking us.  That’s not presidential.  That’s not nice.  He shouldn’t be doing this.  He can’t give speeches like this.  This is not presidential.”  

They continue to make the mistake of plugging him into what they think their system is.  And what they haven’t figured out is, Donald Trump has taken over their system.  I really think they don’t have any idea what’s headed their way.  You know, Washington is an interesting place, folks.  It moves at a snail’s pace.  It exists in a mind-set of very little can actually get done.  And because that’s the mind-set that very little can actually get done, very little of substance is literally tried. And particularly in our case on the Republican side, we haven’t really been trying anything.  Our efforts have been oriented toward stopping the left, which has been on a full-fledged march that’s been looking successful because there hasn’t been any opposition to it.  

But I don’t think either party has any idea what’s headed their way.  Their business is to remain mired in process.  They call it deliberation, thoughtful, reasonable deliberation.  Trump doesn’t know any of that.  Trump is not a process guy.  To him, process is delay.  Process is obfuscation.  Process is incompetence.  People engaging in process are a bunch of people masking the fact they don’t know what they’re doing, and he has no time for ’em and no patience.  

Donald Trump gets things done.  That’s all there is, getting things done, accomplishing objectives.  And you watch.  The reaction to Trump is, “We can’t do it that way.  This is not the way we do it. That’s not the way it’s always been done.”  It’s almost cliched, but that is what I expect is gonna happen, and the Democrats, I think, are gonna end up falling even flatter on their face than they have to date because they still are living in a state denial. 

And part of that denial is a supremacy or a superiority about themselves and I think they’re telling themselves in private, “Yeah, just wait ’til this guy gets here, we’ll show him.  Ha-ha-ha, Trump may think he’s ruling the roost right now, Trump may be owning all the media, Trump may have all the momentum, but wait ’til he runs up against us and the way we do things.” And I think they are gonna be bulldozed.  

I think they’re gonna steamrolled and I don’t think they have the slightest idea yet, and if you watched what happened last night in Cincinnati, if you enjoyed it, buckle up, because I predict you are going to have day after day after day of overwhelming enjoyment once Trump actually gets inaugurated.  There are gonna be setback days, obviously.  But we haven’t seen anything like this.  

And Trump does not think the way they do.  He’s not showing up and trying to politely insert himself in their system and the way they do things.  He’s not trying to ingratiate himself.  He doesn’t care.  He’s elected to do specific things.  His campaign, his agenda, his rallies, a very long list of specific things, and he reminded everybody, if you’re thinking he’s not gonna build a wall, if you’re thinking that was just chatter, I’d change my mind if I were you.  He committed to it again last night.  

And so the left — I’ve watched ’em on TV.  I watched ’em last night.  I watched even conservative media types a little nervous, they don’t like the way Trump does two things at once.  Oh, I love — folks, I love this.

Listen to the entire show or see the whole transcript over at Rush’s website!

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