Rush Limbaugh says the White Supremacists and Alt-Right are Irrelevant, and Distractions

I often agree with much of what the conservative icon Rush Limbaugh has to say.

I don’t always agree with him, but even when we disagree there is much truth in what he is saying. On Monday, he made an argument that particularly resonated with my feelings on the media’s obsession with the alt-right, the white nationalists, and the white supremacists.

Before we begin, let’s get the obvious out of the way. The alt-right is not conservative and they are deplorable for using ethnicity and race to divide us. White nationalists are wrong, it’s not about white nationalism – it’s about Western culture which has been made up of many different ethnic groups for hundreds of years. White supremacists are evil, because all men (and women) are made in the Imago Dei, the Image of God, and are therefore inherently valuable and inherently equal as people. No ethnic group is superior to another.

As a last word on these three groups – they have all embraced the disgusting evil of racism in one way or another and they should be denounced, mocked, and ridiculed for their abhorrent beliefs and behaviors.

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Now, with that behind us, let me tell you why none of these groups actually matter.

First, The combined number of alt-right, white nationalist, and white supremacists in America today is in the tens of thousands. That’s it. The largest of these groups is the alt-right and many of them aren’t actually alt-right, they just hate the status quo and are tired of constantly being told how to think, speak, and act by the PC left. Either way, the combined might of these groups is less than half of 1% of our population.

Their numbers are miniscule.

Secondly, they have no influential support. The radical left has thinkers like Noam Chomsky, they have educators, they have actors, they have musicians, they have politicians, they have businesspeople, they have many people in the pop culture speaking powerfully into the culture. The alt-right/white supremacists have nothing like this. They only have a few leaders who act as their mouthpiece and these people were already discredited years ago (folks like David Duke, Richard Spencer, and a few others). In fact, they have no one of any real influence whatsoever.

They have no influence.

Thirdly, they have NO MONEY. While the radical leftists have billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer, the alt-right/white supremacists have no one like that to bolster/fund their cause. Can you name a single wealthy white supremacists or alt-right supporter? No, of course not, that’s because they don’t exist.

They have no money.

Face it, the alt-right, white nationalist, white supremacist movement is NOTHING. It only exists because the media continues to allow it to do so. The KKK hasn’t grown appreciably in our nation in over 100 years, the neo-Nazi’s are outcasts on the fringes of society, the alt-right could be similarly viewed… except the media has given their cause a voice. Donald Trump didn’t do this, the media did. The worst they can say of Trump is that he didn’t denounce them loudly enough, soon enough… but in the end he did denounce them. He denounced their ideology, the racism, their bigotry, and even their violence. Meanwhile, the media continues to parade them in front of the camera in an effort to instill fear, promote panic, and create division where none need exist.

You see, conservatives are with the rest of America on this. We hate white nationalism. We hate white supremacy. We hate racism. We abhor violence. This is not an issue which divides the nation – so why is the media pretending that it is?

The alt-right, white nationalists, white supremacists are evil and wrong… but they’re not the main problem… the left and their pet media is.

Rush Limbaugh has some important thoughts on that – and I think he’s right on the money.

Limbaugh’s key points (from the Daily Wire):

  • Assorted white racial nationalists are numerically, financially, politically, and culturally irrelevant;
  • The threat to American national continuity and human freedom presented by the left eclipses that of white racial nationalists;
  • The left and its news media allies deliberately amplify the significance of the white racial nationalists to deceive naive observers;
  • The left seeks to use universal opposition to white racial nationalists as pretext to build popular support against the values of free speech and expression;
  • The left offers support for totalitarian ideologies supported by violent and criminal movements such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa.”


Partial transcript below:

This bunch of people down in Charlottesville, this ragtag bunch of Nazis and Klan members and white supremacists? There’s not enough of those people to affect any kind of change whatsoever. Not systemic change. Not enough of those people to elect enough people to matter. There aren’t enough of those people to matter, period.

They are not the problem. They don’t have power in America today. They don’t have any, compared to the people opposing them. How many people show up at a Klan rally these days if they have one? The media doesn’t show you because it’s so tiny. The media wants you to think the Klan elected Donald Trump. The media wants you to think the Klan, the Nazis, and the white supremacists elected Donald Trump and that Steve Bannon put ’em all together and grew them. There aren’t enough of those people to elect a member of Congress, much less a president.

They are not the problem. The problem is on the other side. The problem comes from people who do have power — and what power they have! They have the power to shut down free speech on campus. They have the power to totally corrupt the movie, the book, the music and TV industries. They have real power! The anarchists, the anti-Americans, the Antifa, the Occupy Wall Street, the Black Lives Matter, the United States mainstream media, the Democrat Party, they have power. They are leading the effort that is attempting to teach that America is unjust and immoral and illegal.

These little hapless people marching around wearing white hoods couldn’t stop diddly-squat. They don’t have any power. They’ve been shamed into practically nonexistence. Yet they are hoisted up. They are portrayed as the people running this country — or the people who used to run this country and they ran it for all these years, and now they are losing it, justifiably, and they are panicked and causing trouble. They don’t have any power compared to the people that I’m talking about. You think the Klan can compare to the mainstream media?

You think the Nazis, however many of them there are — or few — can compare to the media and academia and Hollywood? It’s a joke! The same thing with the Nazis and the same thing with the white supremacists. But when you talk Black Lives Matter, when you talk Occupy Wall Street or any of these other left-wing groups that end up rioting and protesting, they are the military wing of the people with power in this country. These people run the Washington establishment. You don’t find in you Klansmen there, and you don’t find any Nazis there, because there aren’t enough of those people to matter a hill of beans.

But yet look how they are portrayed. None of these people run institutions of higher learning. None of these people are in charge of massive amounts of money donated by other wealthy people and then redistributed to advance the leftist cause. They don’t have anything like that. They’re not the people to worry about. And yet, turn on the news, and the only people to worry about — and the reason why America must be reconstituted, the reason why America is unjust and illegitimate — is because of a bunch of people who wouldn’t fill a phone booth in a proportional illustration of the population of this country.

In the process, the American people are being misdirected and told to fear the wrong people. At the same time, they’re being told to believe and appreciate “the right people,” and the right people are the people who really wield the power and who really have, as their objectives, to undermine and overthrow the Constitution of this country and create something different that will end up nullifying the whole concept of individual liberty and freedom. You already see this on the internet. The internet is unregulated, and that’s good.

But look what has happened here. Do you think the Klan can hold a candle to PayPal? Can the Nazis hold a candle to Facebook? Can white supremacists in any way compete in terms of power with Twitter? There’s no way. So those websites have all decided amongst themselves — the CEOs of those websites have unilaterally decided — they are not gonna allow any speech they don’t like. Now, they do this under the guise of banning hate speech from the Nazis and related websites, white supremacist websites and so forth. And it’s applauded.

But these guys are admitting the only reason they’re doing it is ’cause they don’t like these guys and they don’t want to have to see them their sites. What if they wake up tomorrow and don’t like you? They are in effect saying that due to their own sensibilities of what’s right and wrong and just and unjust, they are gonna decide who has the ability to think and say whatever is thought and said on their platforms. Do you agree with that or not? Do you think that’s okay? 🇺🇸

I am the supreme law of the United States. Originally comprising seven articles, I delineate the national frame of government. My first three articles entrench the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches: the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Congress; the executive, consisting of the President; and the judicial, consisting of the Supreme Court and other federal courts. Articles Four, Five and Six entrench concepts of federalism, describing the rights and responsibilities of state governments and of the states in relationship to the federal government. Article Seven establishes the procedure subsequently used by the thirteen States to ratify it. I am regarded as the oldest written and codified constitution in force of the world.

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