Rush Limbaugh on Apple versus the FBI is Heroic: Video

If you haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh on Apple versus the FBI, you are missing a real treat.

There is nothing new in the realization that the Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all.” –Antonin Scalia

I have missed several of Rush Limbaugh’s shows in which he touched on this issue. Yesterday I finally got to hear him on the government’s demand to have access to the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist. His commentary on Apple versus the FBI was brilliant and courageous. It seems he said some of the same things before. Here is a news video with some Rush Limbaugh quotations from a few days ago.

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The reason I use terms like “heroic” and “courageous” is that so many are selling out liberty for false security on this issue. Not only has Donald Trump blustered on the side of Big Brother, but so have Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio—though some think Rubio’s position is “nuanced.” Rush Limbaugh is fighting many conservatives by standing up for freedom.

The “safe” analogy is a pretty good way of thinking about the iPhone. Should every safe made in the U.S. come with a master key owned by all law enforcement agencies? If a safe manufacturer was ordered to make such a master key, should he be compelled to comply with such an order? The company would basically be coerced to work for the government for free to degrade the value of their safes for all past and future customers. Who would want to buy a safe when they learn there is a master key floating around?

So it is wrong to force Apple to spend time and money developing a workaround to their security features for the government. If the government could break into the iPhone of a San Bernardino terrorist, I would say they are doing their job. But forcing Apple to degrade the security of all iPhones is wrong.

Not only Rush Limbaugh, but the mother of one of the San Bernardino shooting victims, agrees with me. According to the Washington Times,

Carole Adams, the mother of Robert Adams — a 40-year-old environmental health specialist who was shot dead by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife in December — told the New York Post Thursday that the constitutional right to privacy “is what makes America great to begin with.”


“This is what separates us from communism, isn’t it? The fact we have the right to privacy,” she told the New York Post. “I think Apple is definitely within their rights to protect the privacy of all Americans.”

One of the best points Limbaugh makes is that getting a way to break into all iPhones is a much higher priority for the government than finding information about the San Bernardino terrorists. Has this Administration shown any real interest in protecting the public? No, they have shown a keen interest in gathering power.

Here’s a much longer clip of Rush Limbaugh on Apple versus the FBI. It is well worth listening to if you have time. It is also depressing because Limbaugh believes the government is going to win the battle with Apple.

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