Rush Limbaugh Explains “We’re Watching a Silent Coup” by Obama and the Democrats

Rush Limbaugh spent more than two decades as the most important voice in conservative commentary on the radio (or in any media for that matter), but he may have just delivered his most important on-air message this past week. On Friday the man behind the golden microphone took four minutes out of his show to enlighten to his listeners to the depth of the depravity that we are currently seeing in Washington, D.C.

Limbaugh explained that everyone, including him, had missed the reality behind the Democrat decision to drag their feet on confirming President Trump’s nominees. It wasn’t about annoying the President and keeping him form getting started with his agenda as quickly as possible. No, their obstruction was far more insidious than that.

Listen below:

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We’re watching a silent coup that was put in place by Obama and the Democrats during the transition and before and after the election

I think what is happening here is a full-fledged effort here to deny Trump the actual control of governing and the government by leaving so many Obama career people appointed, by going so slowly on confirming Trump’s cabinet appointees and other lesser bureaucratic position that remain open and haven’t been filled. And that’s why it appears the Democrats are still running the show…

I’m telling you — if you want to find out who is really working together to sabotage the United States, you find the link between Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian government. That’s the story.”

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