Rural Nevada Devoid of Healthcare Options as Obamacare Evacuates

The nightmare of the “Affordable” Care Act will be with us for a while longer thanks to the turncoat republicans in Congress.

Well, it won’t be with everyone for a while longer.  The people of rural Nevada are about to be systematically unable to use the mandated program thanks to the failure of Obamacare’s insurance marketplace.

When President Trump was still candidate Trump, one of the most ardent endeavors that he agreed to take on was the repealing and replacing of this disastrous piece of democratic drivel.  For year, Americans had watched an increasing amount of their hard-earned money being swiped from their bank accounts as these health insurance monopolies exploited Obama’s mandate.  Their price-fixing schemes were only emboldened once employers realized how costly the changes would be to them, creating a new segment of the workforce who would now be forced to make their own way in the world of healthcare.

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Now the system is falling into total disrepair and insurers are fleeing in vast numbers.  In rural Nevada, this mass exodus looks to have absolutely abhorrent repercussions.

“Anthem announced it will back out of Nevada’s ObamaCare market next year, leaving most rural Nevada counties without a single ObamaCare insurer in 2018.

“The insurance company also plans to cut its Georgia presence in half, and has already withdrawn from Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and much of California, William La Jeunesse reported today.

“‘This is a significant blow to the state’s individual market,’ Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) said in a statement. He added that he is ‘frustrated and disappointed’ by Anthem’s ‘surprise and abrupt decision to leave the healthcare exchange.'”

If there is no change to the current policy, nearly 900,000 Americans will lost healthcare altogether as these insurance companies abandon ship.

President Trump, who was elected in no small part due to his promise to repeal and replace the Obamacare catastrophe, has been completely stymied by a do-nothing congress filled to the brim with turncoat republicans.  These RINO-esque traitors have sold out the American voters that provided them with their jobs in order to satisfy their Big Pharmaceutical overlords – the same money-hungry industrial tyrants that continue to financially incentivize the widespread use of dangerous and addictive narcotic opioids with local doctors.

Obama’s health insurance mandate was nothing more than a gift to these drug-pushers and their lobbyist cronies, and it seems that Trump’s promise to drain the swamp has hit a brick wall because of it.

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