North Korea

Rumors of SEAL Team Six Prepping For Kim Jong Un Assassination Persist


As the world continues to turn, somewhat tumultuously this week, rumors are swirling about what exactly Donald Trump could do to eliminate the threat posed by North Korea.

The hermit kingdom, led by the maniacal and tyrannical Kim Jong Un, has been openly threatening the United States, and the world at large, for the entirety of his time in “office”.  Between blasting rockets right over Japan, conducting banned nuclear weapons research, and threatening any international entity that purports to expose North Korea to the reality of the rest of the world, the “supreme leader” has made quite the name for himself on world’s stage.

U.S President Donald Trump has already shown the world that he is ready and willing to deal with the brutality of immoral and unethical world leaders, and not many can compare to Kim Jong Un.  While Syria was the target of a swift-strike air bombardment of Tomahawk Cruise missiles, Kim Jong Un could receive a much more tactical curtain call.

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“As tensions with North Korea ratchet higher, new reports have surfaced that America’s SEAL Team Six has arrived on the Korean Peninsula for training drills.

“Although Navy officials downplayed reports in March that the elite unit, which was responsible for the takedown of Osama bin Laden, was participating in South Korean training exercises, media reports continue to mention the SEALs are participating in drills designed to simulate an attack on the top leaders of North Korea, including dictator Kim Jong-Un.

“American military officials would only say that ‘ground, air, naval and special operations’ are working with South Korean counterparts in ‘several joint and combined field training operations’ involving up to 17,000 troops.

“’There are variety of Special Operations Forces participating in Foal Eagle, as they do in most regional exercises,’ Commander Gary Ross said, referencing annual training exercises conducted in South Korea.”

While these rumors are still completely unsubstantiated, their persistence has many wondering about the possibility of their validity.  Kim Jong Un is a wildcard as the term pertains to world leaders, and with any warning of his imminent doom may decide to launch nuclear weapons at anyone within range.

The stealth and speed of SEAL Team Six may be the only safe way to incapacitate the despotic dictator.

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