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Rumors Fly of Impending Trump Subpoena by Mueller

Now that the nation has seen a mere glimpse of what Robert Mueller’s investigation is really doing, the clock seems to be ticking even quicker for the Special Counsel.

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The American people haven’t been overwhelming convinced that there’s merit in Mueller’s work, as evidenced by a number of recent polling figures.  The revelations last week regarding Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort may only slightly alter these figures as well, given that their indictments were for crimes quite distant from their work on the Trump campaign.

Mueller has shown us a bit of his hand, so to speak, and now the race is on to discover what will face the nation as he continues to lay down his hand.  Of course, one of the most pressing curiosities could come in the form of a subpoena calling for President Trump himself to testify.

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That day could also be approaching sooner than we think.

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz suspects special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of federal prosecutors is preparing to subpoena President Trump.

“I do. I think they’re gearing up for what will be a difficult legal battle,” Dershowitz, a fierce critic of Mueller’s federal Russia investigation, said during an interview Tuesday with CNN.

Dershowitz’s comments follow a CNN report Monday in which Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lead personal attorney, said he hasn’t heard from Mueller’s office in nearly three weeks as the two sides negotiate terms for a possible presidential voluntary interview as part of the ongoing Russia probe.

The strategy was further unpacked by the long-time legal expert.

Dershowitz was asked Tuesday whether the radio silence could indicate Mueller’s team may be considering another means of obtaining Trump’s testimony.

“I suspect they have come to the same conclusion I came to several weeks ago that the tactic of the Trump team — I have no inside information on this — but the tactic of the Trump team is to make the Mueller team an offer they can’t accept so that in the end there will be no sit-down and the Trump team can say, ‘Look, we made them an offer. It’s their fault. They didn’t accept it,'” Dershowitz said.

Rudy Giuliani, who is acting as the President’s lawyer in the matter, said that he, too, believed that the Mueller team was ready to engage in a hefty bit of maneuvering, offering that he believed that they were “planning something”.

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