This is What Will Defeat Globalism

The birth of a nation says a lot about the resolve of those who fight for it. With nothing more than an idea and a belief that it is worth fighting for, people rally to the call. I am reminded of this idea by the U.K.’s resolve to free itself from the European Union. The U.K. had been a member for more than 40 years. I believe it fortunate that Britons had the opportunity to force a referendum of such consequence. Breitbart called it a day in advance that an ‘Act of God would favor Brexit.’ The rains were expected to be torrential. Breitbart posited that the resolve of those wanting to leave the E.U. would be greater than those who wanted to stay; the resolve of the ‘Leave’ group would not be diminished by such heavy rains. For what it is worth, I felt a bit of a kindred spirit with those Britons who succeeded in freeing their country from the shackles of a globalist, subversive, foreign and detached entity.

In no way does Brexit signal the birth of a nation but it does speak to the resolve of those who believed in the idea of nationalism and individualism. Individualism requires a core ideology of independence and liberty. How far one is willing to go to achieve individual liberty speaks to one’s resolve. History beckons and the wise will readily let the past instruct as to the resolve of those who fought, bled and died to achieve liberty for the individual and the independence of a nation.

I believe it not coincidental the timeliness of Brexit. Nor is it coincidental that the term individualism was reintroduced into my vocabulary. As a friend of mine, Gerard Gibert, explained, “… the [globalists] didn’t account for individualism. Globalists are ‘pushers.’ And folks just don’t like being pushed around.” And another, Elizabeth Male, suggested rugged individualism. As we approach America’s Independence Day, we should all consider this term, rugged individualism, with regard to national sovereignty and individual liberty. The colonists didn’t like being pushed around by a monarchy that, quite frankly, was out of touch. The colonies were more than English. And it was presumptuous to assume that those whose origins were outside of England’s rule – France, Germany, Spain – were made subject to the English crown. Of course, this doesn’t speak to the taxation and other consequences of English rule. The same can be said of the globalists’ mentality, they are simply out of touch.

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I think American Patriots understand individualism. Our Constitution certainly supports individualism – individual liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness. Individuals are the people from whom the government’s powers are derived. It is the individual with the freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. It is the individual who is an entrepreneur, the business builders, the economic motivators. It is the individual who invents to achieve better design, efficiency and production. Our history is littered with them. Rugged individualism, at least in part, is responsible for what makes any nation exceptional. American exceptionalism is nothing to be ashamed of.

Globalists, on the other hand, seek to dissolve individualism, remove national boundaries and make solvent those identities that differentiate one people from another. Frankly, this is absurd. Nations are sovereign. Otherwise, the word nation is meaningless and we might as well erase it from the dictionary. Without nationalism, individualism can be added to the ‘endangered species’ list. Eventually, the globalist wins out simply because people have ceased to be individuals. Rather, people become drones simply following instructions – really nothing more than a lemming. As long as the lemmings are kept fed, warm and clothed, the lemmings do what they are told to do. In this society, individualism is a crime because it seeks to identify oneself as a critical thinker, independent, able to operate without external motivation. The individual is a threat to the lemming hive.

Today’s generation will not accept individualism. They are told what to believe, how to believe it and what to protest. Some are even professional protesters – protesters for hire, mercenary protesters. It seems that the more I hear Progressive (as in the Democratic party), the more regressive they appear to be. As I have stated in a previous article, the personalities that generate political activism are more interested in followers than constituents. A constituent is too smart, too individual, too independent, too much of an individual. A constituent knows that elected officials can be replaced. The individual is willing to take a hard knock even if it means getting a bad public official out of office. A follower, or lemming, however, is much more concerned about social justice, welfare, political correctness and mock equality (read, inclusion) to be concerned about issues that endanger our nation or drive up the debt.

Individualism opposes collectivism – the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it. Individualism is the concept that places value on the individual. Individualism is the belief in the primary importance of the individual and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence. “Hmm, imagine that, self-reliance.” At this point some may say this is too close to humanism. But I would disagree. Humanism is defined as an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. The context of ‘self-reliance’ is necessary to draw a distinction between individualism and humanism. But, I digress.

Yes, Gerard was right. Globalists tend to overlook the individual while drawing up their schemes for a global government with a single economy and a single religion. As long as individualism is fostered within our families, schools, neighborhoods and even churches – respecting the value of others, being self-reliant, independent and capable of critical thinking – the globalists’ agenda will be thwarted.

Anything else is just a cog in the machine that is the lemming hive mind.


David Boarman

I am Christian, a husband and a father. Currently, we live in Oceanside, California (which is ironic in so many ways). We moved to San Diego in November, 2011 for a software engineering job. Beginning in November, 2014, I began a journey that has culminated in vast understanding of our natural, inalienable rights. I have converted a Facebook page (formerly for a bid as a presidential candidate). The FB page, Old Guard Federalists, is now about our rights - educate, learn and defend.

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