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Rudy Giuliani Explains How He Would Prosecute Hillary Clinton!

America’s mayor had a pretty good weekend on national TV.

First, former New York City mayor and onetime Republican presidential hopeful, Rudy Giulianni, appeared on ABC’s This Week where he explained exactly how he would go about prosecuting Hillary Clinton, before mixing it up with liberal talking points-spouter Martha Raddatz.

Here’s Giuliani schooling Raddatz on why she and FBI Director James Comey are wrong about the Clinton email scandal.

(Starting at about 4:05 into the video below.)

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Martha Raddatz: This week, he [Trump] was called unfit to be the next commander-in-chief by a very long list of people. Let me read it — President Obama, a group of former cabinet officers, senior officials and career military officials, a veterans organization with 100,000 strong petition said it on Thursday and the former acting director of the CIA, Mike Morrell, who is my next guest, said it Friday in an op-ed, saying that Trump is dangerous.
Does that not concern you?

Rudy Giuliani: It doesn’t concern me at all. The fact is, I find — I find it a lot more concerning to me that Hillary Clinton was extremely careless in the handling of national security information, not just one or two, but thousands and thousands of pieces of national security information.

I’m a former federal prosecutor, a former associate attorney general. If I had done that, I’d have been prosecuted. It’s a clear violation of 18 United States Code Section 791.

What she did were criminal acts. She has displayed the facts…

Martha Raddatz: As you know, Mr. Mayor, Mr. — Director Comey said miss — he would have to prove that there was intentionally transmitted or willfully mishandled classified information. Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

Rudy Giuliani: And many reasonable prosecutors have come to the conclusion that they would have brought such a case. I would have brought such a case and I would have won such a case. And I’ve prosecuted cases like that in my years in the Justice Department. 

Hillary Clinton skated because she’s running for president. She clearly violated the law.

And now, take Comey’s words. She was extremely careless with handling national security information.

You know, if that’s written in someone’s FBI background report, they don’t get a top security clearance?

If she were just an ordinary person, she would be denied a top security clearance because she has proved in her past acts that she is extremely careless in handling national security information.

I don’t know, maybe she short-circuited when she wiped out 35,000 emails.

While the discussion about the Clinton emails was heated, that was nothing compared to Giuliani’s assertion that Raddatz and others in the media were taking it easy on the Democrats during the campaign.

(Starting about 6:25 into the video below.)

I think what he’s taking about is the very unfair media coverage that Republicans get. I know all of those of you in the media don’t believe this but you really don’t treat us the same way.

The allegations by Ms. Smith, a Gold Star mother, about Hillary Clinton lying to her, got about 0.1 of the coverage that the Khan situation got. Hillary’s situation in which the FBI, in an extraordinary memo, found her to be extremely careless in handling top security information, my goodness, I wouldn’t hire a person as an assistant U.S. attorney if that was in their FBI background.

We’re going to make her President of the United States?

Nobody raises that. Nobody makes a very big deal about that. That’s not on the news for five days, six days.

So I think what Donald Trump is reflecting is — and I know the media always discounts this because you don’t like to get criticized. But you don’t treat us the same way that you treat Democrats. Hillary, Bill, Obama, they get the benefit of the doubt.

And I mean if Trump had said something like I’m going to raise taxes on the middle class, it would be all over the news. You would be questioning his sanity.

Here’s the full video of the interview with Raddatz on ABC.


Giuliani also appeared on Fox & Friends where he argued that the Democrat Party has become “the Anti-Law Enforcement party.”

Giuliani said that Clinton would be “The continuation of Obama 2 or Obama 3, however you want to look at it. The fact that she will not take the support of the police makes the point that a lot of liberal commentators constantly say, ‘Oh, this is unfair.'”

The Democratic Party has become an anti-law enforcement party and this is the best demonstration of it. They are against law enforcement. They are to a very large extent responsible for the atmosphere that’s been created in this country where, what is it, 7% increase of the number of killings of police this year. It comes right from the top. It includes Hillary. She made herself a part of it. You don’t go talk to and seek the endorsement of one of major police union in the country? The Democrats would not allow uniformed police officers on the floor of the convention…

The Democratic Party, from Barack Obama down to Hillary Clinton, you name it, they are anti-police, anti-law enforcement. And it is creating a terrible atmosphere in this country that is very dangerous to police officers.

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