Steve Bannon

Roy Moore Set to Receive Bannon Bump on Election Eve

Politics in America have never been particularly lovely, but 2017 has brought the filth out in full.

With the mainstream media finally succumbing to the criticisms of the conservative American voter en masse, our formerly trusted news sources are clamoring for a comeback.  Their return volley has, so far, been an ineffective attempt to put sensationalism over substance, and this sentiment has carried over to politics in general.

In this escalation of tactics, Judge Roy Moore has been the victim of a character assassination attempt with conveniently timed, yet four decades old, accusations of improper sexual behavior.   This has led to a wholesale attempt to bury Moore not only by the democrats who oppose him in Alabama, but also by the Deep State RINO’s in Washington D.C.

Now, with the Alabama special election coming up on Tuesday, the cavalry is coming to push the conservative icon over the finish line in the form of Steve Bannon.

“Bannon said he will appear with Moore at a rally in Dothan on Monday night, the eve of the election.

“’Well, we’re going to break some news tonight,’ said Bannon. ‘I am going to be in Dothan, Alabama, honored – always honored – to stand on the stage with Judge Roy Moore. Judge Roy Moore’s a good man, and I got to tell you, this politics of personal destruction is just not acceptable.’”

While Moore still currently holds a slight lead on liberal democratic opponent Doug Jones for Jeff Session’s old Senate seat, there is no telling what further nonsense the anti-Moore folks will try.

The reason for this incredibly lopsided anti-Moore campaign from within the D.C. swamp has to do with the judge’s disdain for the special interest-driven status quo on Capitol Hill.  Moore, like President Trump, is an “America first” populist of the highest order, and will stop at nothing to deliver for his constituents.



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