Roy Moore

Roy Moore Heeds Superstition in Horseback Ride to Polling Place

Today is the fateful day in which the great state of Alabama will decide which of their Senate candidates will be heading to Washington D.C.

In one corner we have a liberal democrat named Doug Jones who represents all that is improper about American politics.  Jones is one of those politicians that embodies the figurative D.C. swamp that President Donald Trump has promised to drain – a campaign pact that he made with the American people who elected him in an electoral landslide last November.  Coming from an overwhelmingly red state such as Alabama, Jones was a long shot from the get-go, but the left had a plan for that.

The democrats, bolstered unexpectedly by RINO republicans such as Mitch McConnell and John McCain, were quick to pounce on conveniently timed and unfathomable accusations against conservative icon Judge Roy Moore in which a few women came out of the woodwork to claim that Moore had improperly made advances toward them nearly 40 years ago.  The bizarre and unverifiable allegations were dealt an enormous blow this week as well when the most prominent accuser was forced to admit her own forgery in a yearbook that she claimed that Moore signed.

Regardless of this thorough debunking, Moore has still faced an uphill battle with the mainstream media who refuse to allow these flimsy allegations to take their proper place in the trash.  This hasn’t much affected Moore, however, who continues to campaign for the seat despite the smear campaign.

Now, as voters head to the polls, so did Judge Moore, with a bit of superstition to boot.

“Former Alabama state judge Roy Moore arrived at his polling station, the Gallant Fire Department, just after 11:30 a.m. eastern time Tuesday.

“He showed up on horseback, riding his horse named ‘Sassy.’

“ called Moore arriving to his polling station on horseback a ‘family tradition.’ Moore’s wife Kayla, also rode in on horseback.

“’I think it’s a good thing to do, I won the last time I rode a horse, I think maybe have good favor,’ Moore told CNN during his Republican primary runoff against Sen. Luther Strange.”

The tradition may look unconventional to some outside of the south, and those particularly unfamiliar with Roy Moore, but the Judge insists that the move could bring him good luck.

After avoiding the fray for weeks, President Trump finally weighed in on the controversy last week with a hearty, full endorsement of the embattled Moore.  Polling has been little help as well, with a massive disparity between surveys.  In some cases Moore has had as much as a 7 point advantage or a 10 point disadvantage against Doug Jones.

Given the wild nature of this race so far, Moore will take all the luck he can get, and if riding Sassy to the polls is what puts him over the top, so be it.


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