Rosie O’Donnell Snaps, Tells Conservative to Suck Her ‘D***’ then Violates Federal Law

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This is not a banner week for Rosie O’Donnell.

The former celebrity has seemingly grown unhinged during the Trump era and her latest rant may actually put her in danger of going to prison.

It all started when O’Donnell took to Twitter to attempt to cajole a pair of GOP Senators into voting against the biggest middle class tax cut in American history.

Now, Rosie wisely selected two Senators who seem to despise Trump and seem to enjoy voting with the left, but what she didn’t realize is that this tax reform bill enjoys broad support from the middle and the right. While no Democrats voted in support of the bill, you can bet that was based on politics alone and there were a handful who would have gladly supported this bill (Joe Manchin (D-WV) and his gang of moderate Democrats) if the optics wouldn’t have been so ugly for the Democrat Party.

However, that’s not what people are focusing on…

Instead, savvy Internet denizens noticed that Rosie may have just broken federal law in her efforts to impact the tax reform vote.

Conservative journalists David Harsanyi and  Jeff Jacoby pointed O’Donnell to the law she broke:

Then the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro and HotAir’s Allahpundit jumped in to join the anti-Rosie fray:

Yes, attempting to bribe our legislators is a federal crime punishable by both major fine and prison time.

I’m not certain that any prosecutor would be able to prove that O’Donnell was seriously attempting to bribe a public official, but I am certain that if one of them would have reached out to Rosie and agreed to her terms… she would have paid to kill the tax reform bill.

Rosie spent the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning ranting about how the GOP was “robbing” America, “stealing” from the poor, and “taking” from average citizens.

How is this possible? How could a TAX CUT possibly be robbery? It’s literally the OPPOSITE. A tax cut means that the average American will now keep more of their hard-earned money, not less. The GOP isn’t taking more money, they are allowing Americans to keep more money. It’s the opposite of robbery, it’s philanthropy. The Republican Party just stepped in and told the federal government (and the Democrat Party) that enough was enough, there would be no more robbing of the American middle class.

Of course, no one is accusing Rosie O’Donnell of being particularly sane or intelligent.

In fact, after reading Ben Shapiro’s brilliant tweet from above, Rosie responded to him in the ugliest way possible.

It was at this point that Shapiro proved to be Rosie’s better by winning the internet with his response.

Well played Ben, well played.

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