Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein Impeached?! Leaked Timeline Seems to Indicate YES!

Today was a big day for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but perhaps his most worrisome moments are still to come.

Rosenstein pulled a fairly sizable stunt this afternoon, calling an unexpected press conference.  Given his deep involvement with the investigation into election interference by the Russian government which is currently being conducted by Robert Mueller, there was little doubt that what Rosenstein wished to discuss was related, even though they released the official reason to the press as something akin to a “law enforcement announcement”.

When Rod took the mic, the nation’s liberal population was on edge.  Was this the day that they’d finally arrest Trump?  Was Hillary going to take her rightful place on the throne?  Would they be putting the Steele Dossier tapes up on YouTube?

Nope.  Just 12 more Russians indicted for doing what Russian has always done:  Try to mess with America.  The left was further disappointed when Rosenstein took a somber, reflective moment to remind the nation that no Americans were being charged at this time and that this was not a bi-partisan issue, rather, it was an issue of a foreign entity attempting to combat the free will of We The People.

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Whether or not you believe everything Rosenstein claims is irrelevant to the fact that this high ranking government official was trying to tell us that this isn’t the action of Americans.  Many glossed over this bit of Rosenstein’s schtick, as it was bookended by complete and utter gibberish.

Now, as the dust settles on today’s announcement, the republican plan to oust Rosenstein has been revealed.

House GOP lawmakers are preparing to push to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as soon as Monday, according to three conservative Capitol Hill sources.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows previously drafted the impeachment documents, however nothing has been filed yet.

GOP Congressmen are fed up with Rosenstein’s continued stonewalling of their probe of the FBI’s and DOJ’s corruption, Spygate and Russiagate during the 2016 election.

The turbulent investigation into Russian election interference has become downright unbearable at this juncture in history, with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein acting a bit defiant in the face of Congressional questioning.

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