Roseanne Barr Goes OFF On Liberal Twerps Who Continue to Attack The President


Comedian and actress Roseanne Barr has some harsh words for liberals who wish to continue attacking President Donald Trump.

Barr, who was best known for starring in the critically acclaimed televise sitcom with which she shares a first name, took to Twitter to lambast the whining masses who continue to defame President Trump at every possible turn.  Her message?  Trump stands for We The People, so trashing Trump is trashing Americans.


And Barr is absolutely right.

Much to the dismay of the militant, angry left, Donald Trump was fairly elected to the position of President in 2016.  He was elected by the American people, who were sick and tired of politics as usual in Washington D.C.  Trump’s campaign promises to bring law and order back to America, while “draining the swamp” that is the nation’s capital, and building a more secure infrastructure at our borders catapulted the business magnate to the top of the heap once it was all said and done in the wee morning hours of November 9th, 2016.

To wish ill of the President, or to simply work to block his successes, is the epitome of classless bipartisanship.  As an American people, we should be coming together to march behind Donald Trump into our uncertain future, and supporting each other as he faces the extremely complicated and difficult challenges of leading the free world.

When we’re divided, we are weak.  We are one nation, under God after all.  Roseanne is right; Now it’s time to start acting like it.


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