Ron Paul Vows He WON’T Support this Candidate as Nominee [VIDEO]

In an interview with the Fox Business Network, Ron Paul made it clear that he would not vote for Donald Trump if he becomes the GOP nominee.

The former Texas congressman and three-time presidential candidate told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that while the GOP establishment feels “threatened by Trump” because the party “hates competition,” he still won’t be supporting Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee.

Paul – who was known as “Dr. No” for voting against most pieces of legislation on principle since he believed they violated the U.S. Constitution – stated that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton actually have similar views on foreign and monetary policy, as well as other areas:

Maria Bartiromo: If Trump is the nominee, will you support him?

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Ron Paul: No, I couldn’t do that, because he’s the opposite of a libertarian.

MB: What does that mean? Does that mean that you’re giving the election to Hillary Clinton then?

RP: Well, you know, on foreign policy, I don’t think there’d be that much difference. She’s very, very aggressive. The neocons would be happy with her, because she’s the one that orchestrates a lot of the militancy from the Democratic Party. She was much more “neoconish” than Obama. Obama at least had some decency to back off on some of this. No, I think diehard neoconservatives would not be that extremely unhappy with Hillary. From my viewpoint, they’re very similar. I don’t see this great difference between any of the Democrats or any of the Republicans, because they all endorse foreign interventionism, they all endorse the financial monetary system we have, they don’t challenge deficits. So, we who believe in personal liberty and libertarianism don’t have a heck of a lot of choices in picking somebody between the Republicans and the Democrats.


Ron Paul did have some positive things to say about the billionaire GOP contender. “He’s very effective, he’s smart, he knows how to read the people, and the people want a boss, and he could be the boss,” he told the host. “And I’m not looking for a boss.”

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Paul said he wants someone who would “release the creative energy by allowing the people to have more liberties, and the economy to get out of the binds of a ridiculous Federal Reserve that tinkers with interest rates at zero percent or maybe negative.” Further, he said that he wants a “foreign policy that defends this country and doesn’t get involved in all these wars around the world, because it’s such a drain on us, it’s a drain on our personnel, it’s a drain on our finances.” Ron Paul added, “But they’re not offering that.”

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