Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein Drops A Dozen New Indictments Against Russian Hackers

In a stunning turn of events today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called an impromptu press conference to speak on a subject simply described as a “law enforcement matter”, with the vagary piquing America’s interest.

Of course, the presumption was that Rod Rosenstein would be speaking on the subject Special Counsel investigation into Russian election tampering that has now been ongoing for over a year with no real results to speak of.  The left still believes that the Paul Manafort charges will somehow create an issue for President Trump, but no evidence has been presented to bolster that opinion in the least.

Rosenstein’s announcement came quickly and bluntly this afternoon.

Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, on Friday announced new charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton presidential campaign. The announcement came just a few days before President Trump is expected to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in Helsinki, Finland.

The indictments are part of the special counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Many saw the timing of the indictments as a trap for the President, who must now remain stoic as he meets with President Putin.  Walking away from the table wouldn’t mesh with the fearless DNA of Donald Trump, meaning that the two will likely still meet.

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Now, when we take a look at how the President absolutely manhandled NATO on the subject of Russia, we start to get an idea of what a Trump – Putin showdown could look like.

And, for those looking for the details, the full indictment is available online.

Rod Rosenstein also had a peculiar and patriotic message at the end of his presser, reiterating that no Americans were being charged at this time, and attempting to unite the country behind the issue at hand: Foreign interference with our electoral process.

Now, we must remember that we are likely talking about the leaks of Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta’s emails in regard to these indictments, meaning that, even though the information was released in a persuasive manner, none of it is untrue.  All of that information that we learned about the Hillary campaign is not false, it was just used by the Russians…not invented.

If we lose track of that reality, there is no hope left for us.


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