Rock n’ Roll Has-Been says Trumps Supporters are Racists

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Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was busy alienating more than half of America earlier this week when he was slamming Donald Trump, mocking climate change skeptics, calling for more gun control, and implying that anyone who is on the wrong side of these issues is a “racist.”

It really was an amazing display of ignorance, bigotry, and idiocy.

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Here’s what the feeble-minded rocker said in an interview with the Rockpit:

“What’s going on here politically in America these days is completely polarizing. And, you know, I can’t even turn the phone on some days without seeing all the bad shitty news that is endless ever since Donald Trump came into office. It’s like I can’t even keep up with the misery of what’s happening in the world.

There’s really only one side to be on, you know, with what’s happening with climate change; if we don’t stop this, our kids are not going to have a place to live. So it’s got to the point now where we really can’t allow this. The same goes for gun control. Everybody knows the NRA is ridiculous to allow, you know, machine guns on sale at Walmart. It’s insane! So if I speak up and give my opinion and someone else who supports Donald Trump doesn’t like that, I take that as a badge of honor. [Laughs] Because I’m not into all these things, I’m not into racism, I’m not into guns, I’m not into denying climate change like a moron. I’m not into that shit, so if that pisses somebody off, good! That’s the way I feel.

I have a ten-year-old daughter who I can’t imagine what the climate is gonna be for her when she’s fifty. So what some person on the Internet thinks doesn’t mean shit to me. My daughter means something to me.”

Bach gave the interview as in an effort to publicize the band’s upcoming tour of Australia. I guess I know who’s music I won’t be paying to hear…

As you can see Bach has a pretty inflated view of himself here, and he also seems to think that the stance he’s taking is somehow brave. As if there is anybody in Hollywood who will start yelling at him for attacking Trump, the NRA, or climate change skeptics. Bach is washed up and there’s no one in the real world who care about anything he has to say.


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