Robert Mueller is NOT Going To Like The Latest News From Team Trump!

As we approach the one year anniversary of the preposterous probe known as #RussiaGate, President Trump and his team are growing rightfully restless over the Special Counsel’s ever-expanding concept of reality.

In the beginning, the accusations were at least simple enough to understand.  The democrats, looking for a scapegoat to blame their own ignorant choices on, attempted to paint a picture of Donald Trump as some sort of Russian spy, or Kremlin double agent, or stooge of Vladimir Putin, insisting that the only way Hillary Clinton could have lost the 2016 election was through interference of an international sort.

When the conservative-leaning nation collective rolled their eyes in the general direction of Robert Mueller’s farcical task force, the concept of Russian involvement with Trump shifted again.  And again and again.  And so on, and so forth, for over a year.

Now as Mueller begins to bear down on his 12th month of “service”, numerous conservatives are ready for the entire debacle to be behind us.  After all, two separate investigations have found zero evidence of “collusion” with Russia – something that the democrats have been banking on ever since Hillary’s tanking in 2016.

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The latest bit of pressure being felt by the former FBI Chief is coming from the tippity-top.

President Donald Trump’s attorney has an unlikely new role model for special counsel Robert Mueller: James Comey.

Frustrated by the open-ended nature of Mueller’s Russia probe, which hits its one-year mark on Thursday, Rudy Giuliani says Mueller should follow the example Comey set in 2016, when the then-FBI director investigated — and then publicly exonerated — Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

“When Comey closed [the case] in July — although I think it was a complete whitewash — I’d like to have them do that for us,” the former New York mayor said.

Giuliani’s addition to the Trump legal team has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for the White House, who at once seem both excited about the prospect of Rudy’s tough talk taking Mueller down a notch, and nervous that perhaps “America’s Mayor” could push a few too many buttons when it comes to the Special Counsel and his deranged team of anti-Trump agents.

The main concern that seems to be be present regarding Mueller has to do with the fact that his inquiries are no longer being restricted to issues with Russia, and the open-ended character of the setup so far has conservatives rightly concerned about the probe becoming a witch hunt.

Giuliani’s point, echoed by many conservatives, is that Mueller’s year-old investigation has run too long and is causing Trump unacceptable political damage.

“Come on! They’ve had a whole year,” the Trump lawyer said in a recent interview. “We’re going to raise the pressure to try to get this thing over with. It’s gone on long enough,” he added.

“In the interest of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up,” Vice President Mike Pence told NBC last week.

As has been the case so far, Mueller has remained unmoved by the criticism, continuing to toil away at whatever flimsy and phony concoctions of circumstance that the left hand him.



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