There is a Rising Force in the Fight Against Abortion

All my natural life, there has been in our political landscape the battle over abortion.  Many, on both sides of the isle, have decried the violent murder of the unborn.  They have promised that they would seek to do something about the practice that most Americans see as a great evil.

But, inevitably we see little to nothing done about this barbaric practice.  We are told that Roe v. Wade has set things in such a place that we can do little more than curtail the murder of children.  This has always puzzled me for two reasons.  First, court decisions do not make law, and second, how can murder be constitutionally protected?

Now, there is a movement that is calling men and women to action.  Not to stop certain forms of Abortion.  Not to do away with the abortion in later stages of pregnancy.  No this organization and others like it are a part of a movement to do away with the murder of the unborn altogether.

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Abolition Human Abortion’s (AHA) website explains

Pro-life is the expression of a moral opinion. Abolition is the expression of a moral action. When you call yourself “pro-life” you are letting people know what you think about abortion. When you call yourself an abolitionist, you are telling them what you aim to do about it.

If you have not guessed, this new group is call abolition.  This group true to its name is seeking to absolute abolish of all abortion everywhere.  As we see from the above quote, they are not about talk but action.  This for them means that they are telling people that this is not only wrong but a sin.

They continue

A majority of pro-life leaders and organizations argue that one need not convince a person that God exists or that abortion is sin, in order to convert them to the pro-life position. While this may be true, abolitionists never choose to remove God or the gospel from the conversation. Abolitionists believe that abortion exists because men  deny that God does. The pro-life movement argues that we should talk less about sin and more about science. Less about salvation and more about “saving the babies.”

Central to the work abolition is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bringing abortion and its justifications into conflict with the Gospel is the primary mechanism of Abolition. Abolitionist understand our work as being part of the Great CommissionAbolitionists adopt these Five Tenets of Abolitionand practice these  Two Modes of Abolitionism

This is a major change from the modern pro-life movement.  It recognizes and seeks to fix the problem with most political crusades.  They not only believe that there should be changes in laws, but that there should be changes in hearts and minds.

They recognize that there is a cultural problem.  Only a wicked society would allow this practice to continue.  So, if we are not only going to regulate this practice for a few years to save a few babies, we are going to have to raise up a generation that will no longer stand for the practice to exist.

Go to the website and see how to get involved.

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