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Rex Tillerson To Stay Mum on Keystone Pipeline, Recuses Self


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will no longer be working on matters concerning the Keystone Pipeline, says the State Department.

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Tillerson, who has deep ties to the oil and gas industry from his time as CEO of ExxonMobil Corp., is voluntarily recusing himself due to the threat of a conflict of interest.  While the State Department maintains that this was Tillerson’s decision, there may have been a band of liberal twerps pulling strings behind the scenes.

“Greenpeace formally urged the Office of Government Ethics and the State Department to ask for Tillerson’s recusal in a Tuesday letter. The group noted Exxon, the company Tillerson led until December, would benefit from Keystone’s construction because the project would raise the value of crude oil from Alberta, where Exxon has investments.

“’When a decision about Keystone, or other oil and gas projects, reaches Rex Tillerson’s desk, he will only see dollar signs for Exxon with no regard for what the people want and the impact on our climate,’ Annie Leonard, the executive director of Greenpeace USA, said in a statement Thursday.

“’It’s time for the Office of Government Ethics to do their job and urge that Tillerson recuse himself from decisions regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline.’”

Greenpeace, which has infamously spawned the most misguided protesters and activists this side of PETA, is no slouch when it comes to exploiting the media to their advantage.  Regular publicity stunts have somehow kept the organization relevant, even as new scientific discoveries continue to eclipse their message.

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