Rex Tillerson Gets Serious About ISIS in Wake of London Terror Attack


Barack Obama and his liberal minions were just about as soft on terror as you could be, going so far as to refuse to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”.

Now that we’ve thankfully rejected the idea of a third Obama term via the clone known as Hillary Clinton, it is high time for the United States to take a hard line as it pertains to the menace known as ISIS.  Lucky for us, we have a man of action in Rex Tillerson, President Trump’s Secretary of State, who is more than ready to completely annihilate these brutal jihadists.

“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke Wednesday at a meeting of foreign ministers from the global coalition to defeat ISIS, urging the 68 nations in attendance to band together to ‘combat and decimate’ the terrorist state.

“While the conference took place in Washington, a man with known ties to Islamic extremism drove an SUV into a crowd of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London, mowing down dozens of people before crashing into a gate outside the British parliament building. In the aftermath, four people lay dead and 40 more injured, including a police officer who was stabbed to death by the attacker after he fled his wrecked car.

“’As we commemorate and mourn for the victims of ISIS’s hatred, let us also honor them with unwavering dedication to victory,’ Tillerson said. ‘The great commonality among we who have gathered today is a commitment to bringing down a global force of evil, and I emphasize the word ‘commitment.'”

One of President Trump’s most ambitious campaign promises was the complete and utter extinction of ISIS, a lofty goal by any measure.  However, the addition of Tillerson in the position of Secretary of State seems to be well in line with the President’s ambition, and after the terror attack that rocked London yesterday Tillerson appears more than motivated to bring the entire radical Islamic terror network to its knees.

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