Obama’s Foreign Policy Has Only Enabled and Encouraged Al Qaeda

It sounded so right when he said it eight years ago. The hope that there was going to be an end to the conflict in Afghanistan looked believable. This is what the Obama campaign promised. The only problem was, this was the one thing that no one knew how to do.

How do you defeat an enemy to the point that he does not want to practice his religiously held beliefs? What will make a man who wishes to see you and all you love destroyed, stop wishing for those things?

There was no real exit strategy for Afghanistan when we entered the conflict. There was no exit strategy when Obama went into the Oval Office. And there is no exit strategy now. We are exiting, but the thing we went to do is left undone.

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Fox reports

Al Qaeda has returned to its longtime base of operations in southern Afghanistan and is plotting new attacks against the West, fifteen years after being overrun by U.S.-led NATO forces following the 9/11 attacks, according to a published report.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph, citing Afghan security officials, reported Monday that Al Qaeda cells have moved back into southern Afghanistan following the withdrawal of most U.S. and allied troops in 2014. The report claimed that most of the cells are operating around the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, the spiritual home of the Taliban.

So, while we are getting weaker in the area, the enemy is getting stronger. Is this not exactly the way we handled Iraq? Is this not what led to the founding of ISIS? Does no one see what has and is happening?

It seems that the Obama administration has no will to defeat our enemies. In fact, it appears that this is going to lead to a stronger and abler enemy in the end.

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