Restaurant Manager Tries Denying MAGA Customer, Gets His Just Desserts

Ladies and gentlemen, if we are to move forward in this new world of American politics, and attempt to navigate the congressional chasm being promoted by the democrats, we are going to need to be a whole lot more civil about it than we currently are.

I’m looking at you on the liberal left, who have decided that all of your time spent watching Nazi documentaries makes you somehow an historian that focuses primarily on nationalism and socialism.  Let me explain something very simply to you:  Television is no education, at least not in any sense that we can recognize in matters as massive as claiming that we’re falling into Nazi territory.  We need you to leave that to the experts…otherwise, we find widespread radicalization among those being indoctrinated.

At this point, we may still be able to reverse what we have seen so far, hopefully with things such as the #Walkway movement, started by a man named Brandon Straka.

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As Brandon explains, there are certainly no shortage of reasons why Americans are waking up to the conservative side of life in 2018.

This, of course, threatens the democrats, who are already struggling to maintain any semblance of relevancy in today’s American culture.  Their creed of corruption and power doesn’t resonate with We The People, who, thanks in part to the power of the internet, have been steadily “waking up” at an alarming rate.  The threatened democrats are taking out their frustrations on the American conservative majority in increasingly reprehensible ways, including discriminatory policies meant to discourage supporters of the President from donning their iconic “Make America Great Again” caps.

One restaurant manger, however, was none-too-pleased when an employee attempted to perpetuate this prejudice in his seafood establishment.

Floor manager of the Teahouse in Stanley Park, Darin Hodge, confronted a man who dared to wear a “MAGA” hat in the establishment on Tuesday. He allegedly told the man to take off the hat or leave. When the man told him he had the right to wear the hat, he was refused service and shown the door.

The restaurant’s general manager, Andy Crimp, told CBC News that Hodge “took over the table” when he spotted the Trump supporter “and requested that he take the hat off.” Crimp added that the customer “said he had a right to wear it. [Hodge] said if you don’t take the hat off, we won’t serve you. And the man left.”

But the bigwigs above Crimp had other ideas.

In response to the manager’s intolerance, The Sequoia Company, which owns the seafood establishment, terminated Hodge for violating their “philosophy of tolerance.”

“We don’t discriminate against people based on political beliefs,” explained Crimp. “[Hodge] was aware what he was doing was probably contrary to our values and our philosophy as a company in terms of hospitality and inclusiveness.”

That fact that this incident occurred in perpetually polite Canada emphasizes just how incredibly powerful the anger and violence of the American radical left truly is.

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