Resistance Rats Play Role as Russians in Trump Hollywood Star Saga

The sheer battiness of the liberal left in 2018 has been nothing short of a spectacle to behold, thanks to the pervasive idea that disparaging the President should be a 24/7, non-circumstantial reality of life in America.

Of course, we’re not attempting to say that the President, whoever they may be, isn’t immune from criticism.  In fact, our First Amendment rights are so clear and concise that this sort of critiquing can be vocal and widespread, and will actually work to strengthen our democracy.  Unfortunately, a great deal of what we’re seeing from the newly radicalized left is not “criticism” in the least.  Instead, it seems as thought the liberals are preparing for armed conflict and hate-based discrimination of the entire conservative population.

Their actions are provocative, which would be absolutely fine were they merely mentally stimulating.  Instead, the left is sending their goons in to stir up real, physical confrontations, and then turning around and blaming the First Amendment.

Such is the case this week in Hollywood, where Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star has become the site of some unusual behavior.

A pair of fake Russian soldiers stood guard at the remains of President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, days after a man destroyed it with a pickax.

The two stonefaced men, dressed in olive green uniforms and thick hats, were spotted “protecting” the star on Hollywood Boulevard this week.

The guards also reportedly braved the 90 degree California heat in their heavy outfits and were also seen carrying a Russian flag.

The faux-Ruskies stood silently, baiting conservative supporters of the President near the star, which itself was the location of a politically-motivated brawl just last week after it was destroyed by a pickaxe for the second time.


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