“Resistance” Goes Corporate in Overpriced Clothing Brand’s Publicity Stunt

In a pathetic attempt to profit off of the violent “resistance” movement of the left, one haughty-taughty clothing brand is officially supporting the radical liberals.

Recent actions by the radical political left in America have been frightening, to say the least.  We have been witness to a number of violent gestures aimed at normalizing violence against the President and his republican party, culminating in two shooting incidents in which conservatives were targeted specifically.  The first shots of this New Civil War were fired by liberal extremist James T. Hodgkinson, a devout anti-Trump social media user who wreaked havoc on a charity baseball practice full of GOP congressmen.

The heinous act that left Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise in critical condition, but thankfully expected to recover, was merely the culmination of the Hillary Clinton-endorsed and inspired “resistance” movement; a loose knit group of radical leftists who will stop at nothing to demean and disrupt the President by any and all means necessary.  Now, sensing that a great many millennials with disposable income are relating to this so-called “resistance”, one overpriced outdoors brand is hoping to cash in on the violent hype.

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“One popular company just took it a step further when its CEO announced that she was promising her whole company would help lead the ‘resistance’ against President Trump.

“Outdoor clothing a sportswear company Patagonia, which is based in business-unfriendly California, is dedicating itself to fighting against President Trump. Its CEO Rose Marcario is reportedly unhappy that Trump is reevaluating all the bogus ‘national monuments’ former President Obama used an outdated 1906 law to create as part of a federal land grab.

“Said Marcario, ‘A president does not have the authority to rescind a national monument. An attempt to change the boundaries ignores the review process of cultural and historical characteristics and the public input.’”

By aligning themselves with Hodgkinson and others, such as Kathy Griffin, merely for the possibility of making a few extra dollars is a fully reprehensible tactic from Patagonia.

The company, which caters specifically to wealthy men and women hoping to exude the air of outdoors-y chic, has been hocking their extremely overpriced clothes in luxury malls for decades.  Seen as a status symbol of sorts, as North Face’s expensive clothes fell out of style, Patagonia’s exorbitant profit margins could create a dangerous situation for the President and republicans, should the company decide to start funneling profits from their $90 short sleeved shirts into the violent, radical coffers of the extremist “resistance”.

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