Republicans Seemingly in Open Revolt Against POTUS as Americans Suffer

If this week has been any indication, the liberal “resistance” to the President has spread significantly to the right.

Donald Trump was elected by We The People in November 2016 as the only real alternative to a Hillary Clinton presidency; something that would have surely doomed the entire nation based on the reality of her first term being nothing short of a virtual third term for Barack Obama.  The election itself wasn’t so much a coronation for Trump as it was an outright rejection of Clinton and the democrats, with America’s conservative uprising doing much of the heavy lifting.

Furthermore, America wholeheartedly gave President Trump a majority in both houses of congress in the hopes that the newly minted Commander in Chief would be able to use these considerable assets to turn back time on Barack Obama’s egregiously failed policies.

Of course, the democrats and their leftist cadre of defectors threw a great many tempter tantrums, culminating in the installment of a general attitude entitled the “resistance” to the President.  The basic gist of this loose-knit bigotry was an overarching opposition to anything and everything Trump related.  Not only would these political slacktivists work to stymy the President’s policies, but they would openly debate every word that escaped his mouth, they could boycott any product he likes or uses, and they would continue to design and distribute asinine conspiracy theories about the leader of the free world.

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Those who believed that this “resistance” would quickly be crushed by the President’s near-mandate in the legislative branch have been proven wrong, as far too many republicans have fallen victim to similar sentiments.  

“They passed legislation to stop him from lifting sanctions on Russia. They recoiled at his snap decision to ban transgender Americans from the military. And they warned him in no uncertain terms not to fire the attorney general or the special counsel investigating the president and his aides.

“Republican lawmakers have openly defied President Trump in meaningful ways this week amid growing frustration on Capitol Hill with his surprise tweets, erratic behavior and willingness to trample on governing norms. But at the same time, they’ve worked to advance legislation they want him to sign.

“In the latest signs of a backlash, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Wednesday he would not hold hearings on a replacement if Trump dismissed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said Thursday he would pursue legislation that would prevent Trump from summarily firing special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

“’Some of the suggestions that the president is making go way beyond what’s acceptable in a rule-of-law nation,’ Graham said. ‘This is not draining the swamp. What he’s interjecting is turning democracy upside down.'”

It was well understood that Trump would be taking Washington by storm, and by force, and that is precisely the reason that Americans wholeheartedly elected the unconventional politician.  It seems that the republican fat cats aren’t quite ready to give up their Washington elitist perks just yet.

This outright denial of the will of the American people should be alarming to each and every voter in our nation.  Where We The People said “NO”, emphatically, to business as usual on The Hill, our congressmen, republican and democrat, have refused to comply with our orders.  Instead, they are working to protect their own thrones while Americans are working multiple jobs to try to afford the disastrous Obamacare premiums that congress refused to free us from.

Don’t be fooled by the healthcare excuses, either.  These politicians are protecting the insurance industries from the free market due to their massive kickbacks from the Big Pharmaceutical and insurance industries.  It’s a wholesale selling out of the American people, by congress, even after U.S. voters emphatically rejected this sort of behavior by refusing to elect Hillary Clinton.

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