This is Why Republicans Keep Winning – Howard Dean says if you Vote GOP in 2018, You’re Voting for Racism

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Howard Dean is a blithering idiot and a tool. Not a tool of anything in particular, just a tool.

How do I know these things about the former Democrat leader and presidential candidate? Because he says things like this…

“I think this may be the moment for Trump last weekend. Today, in the 2018 elections, if you vote for a Republican, you’re supporting Donald Trump. This has now become a referendum. If you want to vote for a racist in the White House, then you better vote for Republicans. But if you want to vote for Democrats and really have change, that’s where I think America is going.”

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This is absolute and utter hogwash. It’s disgusting. It’s childish. It’s foolish. And it’s a lie.

Dean was appearing on MSNBC (where a Democrat can say just about anything without being called to task) with his fellow leftist Joy Ann Reid when he unleashed the ridiculous commentary.

Here’s the thing, a vote for one candidate is never a vote for another person – it’s just not. Saying that a vote for Ted Cruz or Ben Sasse is a vote for Donald Trump ignores their history of voting against President Trump on other issues. Meanwhile, saying that Trump is a racist simply ignores a lifetime of facts and evidence.

The left loves to play their “identity politics” game because over the last 2-3 decades the only way they can seem to win is by dividing Americans and driving some groups to fear others. Need the gay vote – fear the radical Christians. Need the black vote – fear the white supremacists. Need the women vote – fear the patriarchy. Need the Latino vote – fear the xenophobes. Every time the Democrats find a new way to divide us from each other they also find new ways to paint Republicans and Conservatives as the existential threat to those new groups.

It’s their only play.

The Democrat Party hasn’t come up with a new policy (that actually works) in more than half a century. In fact, they only win on the issues when they co-opt GOP planks – which is why Bill Clinton was so successful AFTER he decided to “TRIANGULATE” by using conservative ideas to make his presidency more successful. Otherwise the wind up with epic failures like Obamacare.

So, since they can’t come up with new ideas, and all of their old ideas have been proven failures (raising taxes, raising spending, abdicating power to our foreign competitors, regulating small businesses out of existence, etc.), they are forced to play the identity politics game.

Which is why Howard Dean returns to the identity politics watering hole, and blatantly calls every Republican voter in America a supporter of racism.

Take a bow Howard Dean – you are the most disgusting, hypocritical, and foolish man in America.


Onan Coca

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