Republicans to Elect Hillary President

I hope you enjoyed the tyrannical and dictatorial reign of Barack Obama because it’s looking like we are going to get at least four more years of the same thing or possibly worse.

A year ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, early polls gave him a whopping 1% chance of winning. Today, Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican candidate for the presidency. Chances are, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate that will face Trump in the November elections.

Most of the major polls show Clinton beating Trump at the moment. Real Clear Politics have Clinton leading Trump 47.3 to 40.8. CNN/ORC has Clinton winning 54 to 41 over Trump. IBD/TIPP has Clinton over Trump 47 to 40. USA Today/Suffolk has Clinton 50 to Trump 39. GWU/Battleground lists Clinton over Trump 46 to 43 and Fox News reports Clinton over Trump 48 to 41. Only Rasmussen reports has Trump defeating Clinton by the narrow margin of 41 to 39.

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The liberal mainstream media is in a feeding frenzy over the division within the Republican Party. They love it when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says he’s not ready to endorse Trump. The sentiments are being expressed by Senators Ben Sasse (NE), Lindsey Graham (SC), Dean Heller (NV) and Jeff Flake (AZ); Representatives Paul Ryan (WI) and Charlie Dent (PA); Governors Bruce Rauner (IL) and Charlie Baker (MA), former Presidents George HW Bush and George W. Bush and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. These are only the more prominent and outspoken Republicans who say they will not or are not ready to endorse Trump. Like an iceberg, there are many other GOP leaders who feel the same way.

GOP strategist Frank Luntz was on morning news and said that there is a significant group of Republican voters that will be furious if their Senators and Representatives don’t support Trump as that would be considered disloyal to the Party and pro-Washington. Then there is another group believe endorsements of Trump are not what they want resulting in a very narrow political tightrope on which to walk. He went on to say that at the moment, his research shows that only 7% of Republican voters are united behind the GOP. Another 41% said they are divided now but will most likely unite. On the contrast, 49% said they are divided and will stay that way.

Luntz also pointed out that Hillary Clinton is the weakest Democratic nominee in many years, but the division within the Republican Party could likely give her the election. If the GOP and Trump continue to fight and not get behind Trump, Luntz said that not only will we end up with a Democratic president, but also a Democratic controlled Senate and very possibly a Democratic controlled House.

Many American voters feel the same way. The news is filled with Republican voters who say they will either not vote, write in a name and even some say they will vote for Clinton over Trump. I personally know of some GOP voters who say they will not vote for Trump under any circumstance.

Every Republican that doesn’t vote is really voting for Clinton. Every Republican who writes in a name is voting for Clinton. Every Republican who votes for Clinton, well, that’s obvious. In the end, if Trump is not able to unite the Republican Party and voters, Republicans will be responsible for electing Hillary Clinton in November.

I tell people to consider which of the two you would rather have leading the nation. Then I tell them if necessary, consider their vote for Trump as a vote against Hillary. She is by far the worse of the two evils. With Hillary, we’ll have at least four more years of Obamaesque leadership and even worse.

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