Republican Governor of Illinois Forces Abortion on Christians

Bruce Rauner is the Republican Governor of Illinois.  Rauner did what any hard left Democrat would do to people of faith.

Rauner forces Christians to go against their beliefs on abortion.

Abortion is now the official state-preferred choice for Illinois women in unexpected pregnancies, after Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 1564 into law Friday afternoon.

Rauner, a Republican, held veto power over the legislation—which Democrats pushed through on a strictly partly line vote and put on his desk May 31—but he went against the grain of his own party in approving the legislation.

“We are extremely disappointed in Gov. Rauner for siding with pro-abortion Democrats by signing SB 1564 and expanding abortions in Illinois,” Emily Zender, executive director of Illinois Right to Life said in a press release. “This radical bill is a direct assault on the consciences of medical professionals and the missions of community supported pregnancy help centers.

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“Science tells us that abortion ends the life of a preborn child, and for Illinoisans to be forced to participate in any way in abortion is a tremendous injustice.”

The bill enacts changes to Illinois’ Health Care Right of Conscience Act, once considered the gold standard of state-level First Amendment protective laws.

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, the law requires medical professionals in all capacities to go against deeply held religious conscience by referring patients for abortions and counseling patients on what the legislation calls the “benefits” of abortion.

I wonder how long we as believers continue to put up with the Republican party and liberals like Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

How is Bruce Rauner any different or better then a Democratic Governor of Illinois? We’ve allowed the Republican party to prey on our fears.  They convince us they have our best interests at heart. Bruce Rauner would never campaign on forcing Christians to participate in abortion when he was running for office. What does a Republican have to do before you decide to not reward them with your  vote?

This has also made the need for religious liberty bills to be passed in states. Senator Josh McKoon posted this on Facebook in regard to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner:

Remember back in 2014 when Trey Childress was giving lectures to Georgia legislators as a paid flack for “Competitive Georgia” on how religious freedom measures had no point? Since then he went to work for the Republican Governor of Illinois who just signed a bill passed on a Democrat party line vote to force people of faith to violate their conscience. The definition of irony.

Don’t think for a minute that the Republican party is going to defend the beliefs of  Christians. Republicans are going to continue to feed you a line of crap of why us believers should vote for them. They will take your vote and then turn right around and stab you in the back. These liars betray you every step of the way.  Do you know why they get away with it? Because Christian leaders continue to support them regardless.

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