Republican Establishment is Still at War with Donald Trump

Media claims that the Trump campaign is “stunned” at signs Republican establishment is still at war with them. They should have expected it., a news summary site, claims that the Trump campaign is surprised the Republican establishment is still at war with his likely nomination.

The only thing that dismayed me was the allegation that the Trumpers were “stunned” by the Speaker’s behavior.

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As I alluded to yesterday, there is a great deal of money riding on the preservation of the corrupt system that fuels the Republican establishment. Donald Trump has wounded the machine that was so confident it was going to reap profits from the reaction to eight years of Obama. Think about what it will cost some people if all that lobbying for a secret managed-trade deal with Asia leads to nothing. Donald Trump is disrupting some powerful people who are used to getting their way in the Republican Party.

So Paul Ryan’s refusal to speak well of Trump is entirely expected.

It is shameless of Ryan and others to hold Trump responsible for bringing about “party unity” while simultaneously doing what they can to sabotage it.

And I am sure the Trump Camp is not really surprised at all by his behavior. This just gives them leverage to say something about it.

I think Katrina Pierson is quite convincing in what she says here.

Ben Howe, from, is rather gutsy to bring up the Tea Party as a reason to oppose Trump. The Tea Party was opposed to and opposed by establishment Republicans (though the establishment used them to get elected). Donald Trump tossing aside the political ambitions of Jeb Bush and all the rest, with all their donors and highly paid consultants, was a Tea Party dream come true. Yes, when the primary had more candidates, Trump was not the one with the most Conservative reputation. Yes, there are reasons for Conservatives to be concerned. But there are also reasons to hope with Trump.

And the only alternative is Hillary. Why are Ben Howe and Paul Ryan trying to make Hillary president?

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