Republican Announces Retirement, Democrat Leader Smears Him as Russian Agent

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a fool and a corrupt politician, but still the mainstream networks continue to give her time to air her nonsense opinions.

The latest such opinion should have caused the hosts at MSNBC to ridicule the nutjob to her face, but instead Chris Hayes barely offered any resistance, and simply let her get away with a vicious smear of a seemingly good man.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is far younger than Waters and has spent far-less time in Washington, D.C. Even so, he recently announced that he would be retiring from office and returning to the private sector for work. His decision to leave office without being told to do so by the voters has many Democrats scratching their heads, as Democrats don’t usually leave office until forced to do so.

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While many Democrats may be wondering why Chaffetz would leave such a cushy job, only a few (so far) have been willing to through around baseless accusations about why he might be leaving.

The latest to do so is Maxine “the Slanderer” Waters:

There is a lot of speculation about what he’s doing. There are those who were told that he’s trying to position himself to run for higher office, and I think it’s for Governor. There’s those who think that he, in some ways, have some connections to what is going on in the Ukraine and perhaps in Russia itself and knows something about all of this. I don’t really know. I can’t say, but he’s strange in the way that he’s conducting himself.

And maybe he thinks that if he rolls out and points to the fact that something is going on with Flynn that he did not disclose, and this is criminal, I mean he’s violated a federal law, that somehow this will raise him above maybe what connections he may have with the Kremlin. I don’t know, but we need to keep an eye on him.

Onan Coca

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