What Republican Absenteeism in Cleveland Really Means

Republican absenteeism even includes John Kasich, even though the convention is in his state!

I am not sorry about Republican absenteeism because I’ve seen enough of John McCain and all the Bushes to last a lifetime.

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According to the Washington Post,

Donald Trump’s top backers on Monday aggressively disparaged leading Republicans who have declined to support the mogul for president, stoking intra-party tensions as the Republican National Convention officially kicked off.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said it was “unacceptable” for former candidates who pledged to support the eventual nominee to hold out now. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort targeted Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Bush family, who are skipping the convention.

Manafort identified the real meaning of the Bush non-participation:

“Certainly the Bush family, we would have liked to have had them. They’re part of the past. We’re dealing with the future,” Manafort told reporters Monday morning, according to the Associated Press. Manafort said on MSNBC that Kasich was “embarrassing his state” by skipping the convention.

They’re the past; we’re the future. My summary of the meaning of Republican absenteeism is regime change. We are seeing regime change in the GOP.

And the rulers of the old regime are hurting themselves by boycotting rather than serving in the new regime.

There is no way people like Bush and Kasich can win this.

If Donald Trump loses this election everyone will know that the way VIPs in the Republican Party treated Trump was at least part of the reason why.

If he wins, then he will prove he has no need for the Republican old guard.

If he loses he will simply run again in 2020—or someone else will who is similar. His record-breaking numbers of voters aren’t going away in four years.

For the Republican establishment, there is no return to power. Republican absenteeism at the convention represents the new normal.

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