This is How Reporters Responded After Trump Called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” [VIDEO]

A reporter – who happens to be Native American – blurted out during a press conference with Donald Trump that “it’s very offensive” that he called Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

On the day that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clinched the nomination after surpassing the required number of pledged delegates, a reporter asked him about a recent string of tweets critical of the presumptive GOP nominee by Democrat Elizabeth Warren – the senior senator from Massachusetts. Trump responded, “Who? Pocahontas?”

One reporter asked if that was offensive. “Is it offensive? You tell me,” Trump responded.

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Then, Nicole Robertson – a Native American reporter – chimed in saying, “It’s very offensive!”

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Donald Trump didn’t back down, however, and even threw out the name “Pocahontas” one more time, after it was announced a number of times that it was “offensive.”

Trump explained why he called her “Pocahontas,” noting how she was never able to back up her claim that she was Native American, and how she relied on the fact that she had “high cheekbones” as evidence of her Native American heritage. Trump said that it was her claim that she was Native American that allowed her to get into “various schools,” because she applied as a Native American. According to Trump, Senator Warren is as much Native American as he is.

To the reporter’s question about Warren’s critical tweets, Trump said:

“She tweets a lot about me. She is a senator that is highly overrated. She’s passed very little legislation. She has been a real disaster for a lot of people including the Democrats – who frankly can’t stand her – many of the Democrats. Just ask Hillary Clinton how she likes her.”

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