Reporter Surprised: No One Protested or Sued When Obama Banned Iraqi Refugees

People are protesting President Trump’s recent executive order which has paused immigration from several Middle Eastern countries. The ACLU won a small victory in a class action lawsuit against the President, in which a New York federal judge ordered a stay on the removal of those affected by Trump’s executive order.

Although it wasn’t exactly the same, nor as expansive, President Obama did place a 6-month pause in Iraqi refugees coming to the United States in 2011.

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As Kimberly Strassel noted in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, no one protested or filed lawsuits.

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL, WALL STREET JOURNAL: Well, I mean, the green card thing is actually pretty straight-forward. The point I think he was trying to make is that if you have a green card you’re not going to be kept out of the country. But you will be subjected to further questioning when you come.

CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: And that’s the issue of whether that’s constitutional. And that may not be constitutional and that could be where this order gets stayed.

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL: Well, look, this is also not unprecedented, by the way. I mean, Barack Obama put a pause for six months on refugees coming from Iraq back in 2011. I don’t remember protestors and I don’t remember lawsuits. So I think the bigger question if this is a temporary pause, which is designed for us to improve and look at our vetting processes, and indeed temporary, I don’t necessarily think that’s an outrageous idea. But the bigger question should be implementation. Did you get it right from the start?


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