Reporter Assaulted by Antifa Protesters at Gun Rally, Refuses to Admit It

A reporter for was elbowed, knocked to the ground, and stepped on by left-wing Antifa protesters during a gun rights rally in Cleveland, Ohio, but strangely, the reporter seemed very reluctant to put the blame where it really belongs, on the leftists.

Reporter Hannah Drown began her assignment by following the pro-gun activists as they assembled for their rally at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. The gun rights folks were entirely peaceful according to Drown’s account of her treatment that day.

She described how the gun rights folks marched a small distance with a police escort. But then the group ran into a line of dangerous left-wing, Antifa activists who immediately began to scream obscenities and threaten both the police and the pro-gun activists.

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The reporter was on the Antifa activist side of the police lines when the left-wingers erupted in violence. But, naturally, the reporter did not seem disposed to point out that it was the Antifa types who attacked her.

Indeed, Drown wrote, “there was good reason for concern. Physical and verbal altercations erupted between the gun-rights activists and counter-protestors, with hundreds of police officers in the middle.” But a close reading of her article shows that the pro-gun activists stayed on their side of the lines and did not instigate any pushing, shoving, or altercations. All the violence came from the leftists to the point when she was assaulted.

Here is Drown’s account:

At one point, I found myself caught in the middle, when, after heated words, police officers physically pushed counter-protestors and they pushed back. I was located behind the officers at the time but a group counter-protestors ran up behind me and toward the altercation.

In the process, I ended up being knocked over by those trying to get in the action. I wasn’t on the ground long, as some of the officers near me cleared out the area getting me back on my feet, minimizing the number of times I was stepped on. Seconds after that, I was elbowed in the side but I managed to stay on my feet that time.

Drown noted she started her walk with the pro-gun folks but the progress was soon stopped by the leftists.

The walk didn’t make it far. In fact, it came to halt after less than a half a mile, with counter-protestors blocking the progress by standing arm-in-arm across the length of the walkway.

The police officers then set up their line of defense to keep the groups separate. The officers formed two tight lines, creating a human wall themselves, separating the two groups. The officers’ lines met at the end and almost made a full circle where other officers with different equipment remained guarded in the middle.

When all movement came to a stop I found myself located between the line of officers and the line of counter-protestors. At times there were about five feet between the two groups. At other times, it was body-to-body with both sides pushing heavily against the other. At one point one of the counter-protestors threw liquid at the officers, hitting the face masks of their tactical gear and me, too, in the process. I’m thinking (and hoping) it was just water.

I eventually found a way out of the crowd, and tried to get to the gun-rights activists. However some counter-protestors made their way as well and the verbal, and sometimes physical, altercations resumed. It was at this point that I was knocked to the ground.

The description is clear. It was the liberals that struck this reporter down. Not that she was too keen to make that explicit.

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