This Report Says That Turkey is Ignoring ISIS Right Across Their Border

According to this journalist, Turkey is ignoring ISIS right across their border as they dig a trench and make other preparations.

While Turkey ignores ISIS, the EU is relying on the Tukish government to deal with their refugee crisis. This doesn’t bode well.

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According to,

The Turkish military has been ordered to ignore Islamic State’s activities on Turkey’s border with Syria, allowing the jihadists to dig trenches and plant mines unimpeded, locals in the frontier town of Karkamis told RT.

The government of Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has recently been keen to demonstrate its tough stance on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), with reports of Turkish military operations against the terror group filling the national headlines.

However, RT learned that the situation on the ground is very different from that presented by Ankara when its correspondent, Lizzie Phelan, visited the Turkish town of Karkamis near the border area in Syria controlled by IS.

IS militants and their fortifications in the Syrian town of Jarablus are “strikingly visible” from the other side of the frontier, RT’s Phelan reported.

“When we zoom across the border, on top of… the building we can clearly see an IS flag,” she said.

In Phelan’s video, the only action we see the Turkish government taking is sending police to stop Phelan’s reporting.

Remember, Merkel forced an agreement between the EU and Turkey giving Turks passport access to all EU nations. Any ISIS terrorists who get into Turkey and acquire some kind of documentation can travel freely virtually anywhere in the continent. That’s in addition to the three million Turk who are already sympathetic to ISIS.

If Phelan’s report is true, the Turkish government doesn’t feel any need to beat back ISIS even though they are destroying the homes of Turks near the border. They claim that the West is not giving them enough assistance. It seems like ISIS is too useful to Turkish politicians as a means of shaking down Western taxpayers for them to worry about their own countrymen who are at risk.

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