Repeal of North Carolina’s HB 2 “Bathroom Bill” has Failed Again

North Carolina’s legislature thought they had a deal to repeal HB 2 – which liberals say makes the LGBTQ community 2nd class citizens, but conservatives say simply ensures common sense practices aren’t criminalized – but that deal has fallen apart.

The legislature has felt pressed to repeal the law because of pressure from outside organizations, like the NCAA, who have said they won’t do business in the state so long as the law stands. It seems hypocritical considering that more than a dozen states have similar laws on the books, and that many of these companies “boycotting” North Carolina still do business in nations that limit the right’s of women, criminalize homosexuality, and oppress their people.

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“Big business is all up in arms about new laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. Leaders of major corporations have denounced the new protections for women, children, churches and, yes, businesses, too…

But many of these same corporations are actively seeking to do business in Cuba; are doing business in countries where women are treated as property and not even allowed to drive; in countries where homosexual behavior is illegal; even in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. What hypocrisy. As big business scolds conservative lawmakers, just remember, when it comes to moral authority, these corporations don’t have any ground to stand on…”

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Despite the corporate hypocrisy, the legislators in North Carolina have been looking for a way to appease the big business interests by repealing the law and replacing it with something that pleases both sides. GOP lawmakers thought they had a deal in place but had the rug pulled out from under them on Tuesday.

Republican leaders Sen. Phil Berger and Rep. Tim Moore called a news conference Tuesday to announce that a majority of Republican legislators had “agreed in principle” to a proposal from Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to replace HB2.

Then, minutes before the news conference, the governor pulled out of the proposal, the Republican leaders told a packed room of reporters.

“The governor made a proposal late last week that we are prepared to agree to in principle,” Berger said. “We called the governor on the way down here to let him know we agreed, but he now denies that he ever made the proposal, and so we’ve got to figure out exactly where we are.

“I was taken aback that the governor disavowed ever having made the proposal,” Berger added. “We’re not sure exactly where we are right now, quite frankly.”

Here’s what the governor’s proposal included, according to GOP lawmakers:
• A repeal of HB2
• Regulation of multi-occupancy facilities falls under state’s control
• Local governments can pass employment and accommodation non-discrimination ordinances as long “they are consistent with federal employment and accommodation non-discrimination law”… except for bathroom regulations
• Lets citizens collect court costs and attorney fees if they successfully sue alleging a violation of their constitutional rights, similar to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Democrat Governor Roy Cooper denies that he ever offered a deal, which makes this a case of he said, they said and everyone can be sure that at least one of the parties in this argument is a liar. While the Democrats say the Republicans are unwilling to compromise and make a deal, the fact that the GOP were willing to make the above-mentioned deal seems to disprove that notion.

The problem seems to be that while the Democrats argue that they simply want the LGBTQ community to have the “same rights” as everyone else, the Democrats don’t have the same desire for the rights of Christians business owners, and anyone who doesn’t want to use bathrooms or showers with someone of a different gender. Also, it ignores the FACT that the LGBTQ community does indeed have the very same “RIGHTS” as everyone else – the public facilities accommodate everyone without respect to gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. They just happen to be distinguished by biological gender.

Whatever the next step for North Carolina is, you can be sure that Democrats will side against the majority of the people and with the politically correct fascists that would force their worldview down the throats of the rest of the community. 🇺🇸

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