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Rep. Peter King says “99.5% Accurate” that Obama Spied on Trump Team

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Not too long ago Congressman Peter King (R-NY) was one of the voices criticizing President Trump for daring to suggest that the Obama administration had “wiretapped” his team during the presidential campaign, now the D.C. veteran is changing his tune.

On Wednesday evening King appeared on Fox News’ the O’Reilly Factor to speak with host Bill O’Reilly about the ongoing investigation into Trump claims that he’d been under surveillance and to discuss the revelations made by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes earlier in the day. King argued that he now believed, after seeing much of the evidence, that President Trump was mostly right to be worried about having been monitored by the Obama administration.

“He overstepped it by saying President Obama ordered wiretapping. That we don’t know, but what we do know is, to me, this is shameful.” After being pressed on how sure the committee was about the surveillance, King replied I would say, from all I know, you’re at least 99-and-a-half percent accurate, and probably 100 percent.” Later, talking about Rep. Nunes’ claim that names of Trump team members had been illegally unmasked, King said that the issue was very serious and investigators needed to discover who unmasked those names.

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Then on Thursday, O’Reilly welcomed conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer to expound more on this topic and explain what Americans should see next and to ask if the latest revelations “help” the President. Krauthammer argued that we need more details to know for sure.

Well, there have always been two stories. One was Obama ordering a tap on Trump, which is what was tweeted out, which we know is false, and that Chairman Nunes repeated today is not true. And there’s always been the auxiliary story, and I wrote about this two weeks ago, which is improper unmasking of Americans caught up in incidental tapping of other people. We know that happened because that’s how we learned about the Flynn encounter, the meeting, the talk with the Russian ambassador.

What we didn’t know until today is that it was about more than Flynn. What we learn from Nunes, is this was not incidental chatter picked up from the Russians. It was apparently picked up from the tapping in on other people. Obviously foreign, because you’re not allowed to do it without a warrant on domestic people. And that involved in that chatter were references to Trump’s transition team, perhaps to Trump himself. Nunes was very indistinct about whether it was actual transcripts of statements by the Trump people or whether it was chatter that was about the Trump people. And that’s a fairly important detail.

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