Removal of Confederate Memorial Could Cost Dallas Taxpayers $500k

While the left continues their foolhardy crusade to erase any hint of the Civil War’s bloody history from American culture, unwilling taxpayers could be footing the bill.

Historical revisionists have long been diligent in their desire to rewrite the story of America’s Civil War.  It began a dozen decades ago as schools in liberal locales began warping and maiming the truth about the nation’s bloodiest ordeal in an attempt to equate slavery and the conservatives of the south.  This automatically indoctrinated a vast majority of America’s northern children into the liberal catacombs and echo chambers of free thought, and wrongfully exemplified the south and the conservatives as bigoted monsters.

When that failed to provide liberals and leftists with the political ammunition needed to capsize the country, they turned to other methods of historical whitewashing, with their latest scheme being a total removal of any and all monuments to the Confederate dead, who, by all accounts, were American soldiers.

This trendy new campaign of the left has resulted in several cities removing their homages to the war dead in the middle of the night to avoid conflict – a cowardly act that no American alive to witness the Civil War would approve of.

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Those that did not arbitrarily and suspiciously succumb to the will of the radical left are now faced with the expense of removing some of these enormous statues, obelisks, and monuments – a cost that will most certainly be passed on to the taxpayer regardless of their opinion on the matter.

“Dallas leaders on Wednesday voted to remove the city’s Confederate monuments.

“Dozens of people — more than 50 total — signed up to speak to the city council about this issue. Mayor Mike Rawlings allowed each of them to have one minute to speak prior to council members discussing the resolution. Those speakers continued until just after 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

“’What we do is important,’ Rawlings said at Wednesday’s meeting, ‘but how we do it is equally important.’

“City council members Dwaine Caraway and Tenell Atkins previously said that it would be up to city manager T.C. Broadnax to determine how quickly the Robert E. Lee statue could be taken down. Broadnax had declined to discuss specifics, but said that he was already prepared for when the resolution passed.

“As such, the Robert E. Lee statue is expected to come down on Wednesday. The process is estimated to cost around $500,000.”

That is half of a million dollars to be used to remove a monument to American warriors due to the anger of possibly dozens of citizens.

To put it plainly, that is a $10,000 liability for every person who signed unto speak on the issue in Dallas, and is not accounting for those who only spoke out in favor of rewriting history.

If you were to ask Dallas citizens a year ago how best to spend $500,000 on their city, it is unlikely that a single person would recommend removing this particular statue as a priority, signaling once again how the mainstream media and their liberal brainwashing have effected our otherwise sensical nation.

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