Remembering America’s Hijacker: Abraham Lincoln

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On this annual observance of Lincoln’s birthday (February 12), a gift of truth might help make sense of America’s present spiral into Obamanation.

The most staggering fraud ever perpetrated by government schools on a supposedly free people is the conditioning of students to extol and adore Dishonest Abe — demonstrably the most monstrous American president in history. 

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America’s love affair with Abraham Lincoln is delusional. The Lincoln Memorial, an embarrassingly idolatrous monument, testifies to American ignorance; to the effectiveness of government education throughout the 20th century, as in China or the former Soviet Union.

The most carefully buried secret of our history is the abiding affinity that Abraham Lincoln had for Karl Marx and his Communist system. Those who believe that Barack Obama is attempting to launch American communism, are ignorant about American history.

To learn the real history, several resources are must-reads:

Defenders of the U.S. Constitution and of our Founding Fathers, join together in a new execration — a national curse — to Lincoln — based on the truth.

“Oh Captain, our Captain, on this day hundreds of thousands of young Americans will be taught to sing praises in blissful ignorance to you, hijacker of our Constitution!


“Oh, creator of the first counterfeit U.S. dollar, they will extol your honesty and virtue! 


“Founder of the illegal national army that defies everything for which our founders lived and died.”

By contrast, the AmericaAgain mission is to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.  

Believing that Lincoln was a great president is no different than ignoring America’s most dangerous enemies thriving in Washington D.C. The very existence of these agencies, bureaus, departments, regulations, programs, and agents, violates the highest law of the land– and also destroys liberty.

America’s hurtling descent into tyranny suggests its people are suffering a case of mass insanity on psychological and spiritual levels. Its people have turned against God to accommodate every imaginable sin, and a few unimaginable ones. The result of such rebellion is God’s judgment. But this can be remedied through repentance.

Tyranny is also evidenced by Americans’ Stockholm Syndrome, or capture–bonding behavior. In this way, hostages empathize and sympathize with their captors– even loving and defending their abuser’s acts as kindness.

Tyranny also involves a national psyche marked by a defense mechanism known as Normalcy Bias. This mindset was evident among the two oldest generations of former Soviet subjects after the USSR’s collapse.  In the victim’s mind, things will always remain as they are; nothing drastic will ever alter the conditions to which the victim has become accustomed – the accepted norm.

The only problem with this is that such delusion prevents change and devalues the level of honesty required to confront and acknowledge the truth– which is a very painful and horrifying historical time for America.

David Zuniga is founder and CEO of AmericaAgain!

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