Remember When Elizabeth Warren Said This About Hillary? [video]

In 2004, then Professor and now Sen. [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score] succinctly explains how politics works– using Hillary Clinton as a perfect example.

She describes a conversation she had with then First Lady Hillary Clinton about pending bankruptcy legislation at the time. After discussing it with her, Hillary returned to Washington and encouraged her husband to veto the bill, which he did. Hillary wrote about this and took credit for the veto in her biography. (Warren adds, “as she rightly should.”)

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However, when she became a U.S. Senator, Warren points out, Hillary voted in favor of the same legislation, because she was beholden to the companies that had paid her to do so.

Warren says,

“As Sen. Clinton, the priorities are very different. It’s a well financed industry. A lot of people don’t realize that the industry that gave the most money to Washington over the past few years is not the oil industry, it’s not pharmaceutical, it’s was consumer credit products, the credit card companies. She’s taken money from them, and more to the point, she warns about them as a constituency.”

Crony capitalism at its finest.

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