This Is Why Muslims Vote For Democrats

A gay Muslim Democrat walked into a bar. It is not a joke. It was a fact—early Sunday morning, June 12, in Orlando, Florida.

Omar Mateen was the American-born son of Afghani-Muslim refugees. Those last two words are rather redundant since most recent refugees admitted to America have been from Muslim-dominated countries and are considered Muslim by their government and religious decree. They faced Islamic intimidation and death if they ever left that religion. Such religious tyranny is not a modern restriction; rather it was taught and practiced by the religion’s founder.

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Islam is supra-national and many of its disciples resist assimilation of the host country’s laws and culture, even if they differ in the faith’s application in the 21st Century. However, the two largest sects of Islam, Sunni, and Shia, both believe in a future global ruler, called a Caliph, who will someday govern the world, based on Islam’s Sharia law. This makes Islam much more than one of the world’s largest religions. Its broad theocratic doctrines, with their specified suppression and submission of all non-Muslims, make it a political entity with supremacist goals of global domination.

The Muslim-based theocratic-countries outlaw adultery, alcohol, and homosexuality. Frequently, religious vigilantes in these countries persecute and even kill accused homosexuals, often by tossing them off high buildings. These abusive countries, which deny basic human rights to men and women, receive billions of dollars in financial aid from our country. Each American taxpayer helps support this religious hatred and hypocrisy in these religiously-bigoted countries.

The new speculation that Omar Mateen may have been a “closet gay,” suggests that his sexual appetite and orientation may have conflicted emotionally and psychologically with his family’s religious background and practices. Perhaps, then, he was a self-loathing infidel to the Islamic faith. He reportedly drank alcohol and acted out on homosexual inclinations. By killing dozens of gay Americans in a bar on a Sunday morning, he may have sought to redeem himself, in the eyes of his faith and family.

Omar, like the other voting members of his family, was a registered Democrat. This is ironic, given the radical, abortion-supporting, anti-religious-freedoms orientation of that “progressive” political party. At the last Democrat convention in 2012, their attendees initially “boo”-ed the mention of God in their platform, wanted to restrict religious liberties and to eliminate the definition of marriage, as it had been through all of human history: a committed relationship between one man and one woman.

One might think Muslims would not see their religious freedoms and values enhanced by voting for these Leftist liberals. However, the Democrats are supportive of amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders and the Obama/Clinton/Kerry secret, multi-year, hundred-of-billions-of-dollars deal with the brutal, Islamic regime in Iran.

While it probably was not part of Mateen’s murderous motivation for the horrendous slaughter of innocent people in that nightclub in Orlando, it is sad and ironic that this allegedly gay, militant-Muslim, registered Democrat probably killed several dozen other Democrat voters.

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